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I like jeans just as much as the next guy, but I live in Texas and it's DEATHLY hot. What are some cool things I could wear on my lower extremities?

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you are a genius sir! some friends and i were thinkin about goin to our senior ball with our hawks and renting kilts :)

old jeans full of holes... muy comfy and air conditioned!!! it is deathly hot in texas.

summer is comin around in california… any dudes got suggestions from warm weather stuff? i was thinkin a vest but i all i have for my legs are some boring plaid shorts… i was thinkin maybe some cargo short with those big pockets and a chain then add some patches? anyone done something similar?

shorts are pretty cool.

cut off shorts.
get crazy and wear a kilt.

my boyfriend wears short shorts and its sexy as fuck.
however im probably the only girl who thinks that.

avoid dark colors... because dark colors absorb sunlight so look for a light denim.

you could also just wear a trench coat and just be naked/boxers underneath... however people might think you're a flasher. 

I love it when guys are like "girls have way more fashion choices than men"
not really...
i mean we have dresses and skirts (however men do wear kilts which is like a skirt).... thats only like one article of clothing that guys dont wear (even though back in history men wore clothes that were similar to dresses). 

use your imagination kid! just have fun and get creative with it. 

I personally hate shorts, I always wear pants no matter how hot I get.. If I'm at home and hot, I just take my pants off and wear my underwear around the house.You really could wear anything, I don't think it has to accepted widely to be punk.. If we went by that, I would be closer to grunge clothing than punk. I don't really care what I wear or what gender the clothing belongs to as long as I like it and feel comfortable. I hope I was of some help, if not I tried offering my experience.

I take my pants off around the house even when it's not hot out. But I live in Florida, so it is mostly balls hot out.

My boyfriend wears his kilt sometimes when its hot. Most of the time he is in shorts, just regular black shorts. 

Donate a skirt guaruntee I'll wear it.. Love the shock people get with things like that..

Wear shorts (jeans cut off or cargos) and 10 hole steel toed boots; or a kilt and boots!

i had two pairs of skinny jeans that i would wear with my boots but well i dont ever wear my boots during the warmer times (i live in houston,texas) and i just cut them and made the ends all nice and clean looking. then just slap a few zippers on them and make it to where you can open any park of those pants. also avoid having freakish long leg hair lol that doesnt help much either 


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