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I don't think I've ever been as entertained as listening to the argument of education between Dawn_Juice and Jenn Di. Seriously. One thing you should notice, is that one of the most influential revolutionary figures, whose goal it was to get shit accomplished, Che Guevara, was unfathomably intelligent. I mean, yes, form your own opinions, but have knowledge on both sides of an argument before you do. I mean, if a couple educated people can rally the people to overthrow an entire government, think of what a nation of educated people could do. I mean, think about this for a second. Can anyone think of a famous Revolutionary who was not highly educated. I mean, first one that I can think of is Vladimir Lenin. What was he famous for? Russian Revolution. Che Guevara? Cuban Revolution.  Go into any detail. Look at any revolution leader in history. All lead by intellects, and charming people. So before you think that it's time to revolt, or that you don't need education, think again. It takes alot of smarts, charm, and skill to rally a nation.

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George Washington only had an elementary school education... which I guess explains allot!
He also owned several slaves
My main point is really that yes, educating yourself helps, but actually being an intellect will get you remarkably far. Plus, when you are educated very far, you can tell what is biased without having to be told. I'm going to say this, we aren't being brainwashed by schooling, but what is taught can be quite biased. Now, my History teacher actually showed us a movie on WWI shot from the German perspective. As a Canadian, that's not a common way to see things. I just think everyone should be more educated and take their time. And with that, I shall end by saying yes, educate yourself, but not everything that you can learn in school is bullshit.

'tis the difference between being smart and wise.

It's a bit of a cliché, but wisdome DOES come with experience (not age, that's bullshit).

I believe that motivation is much more important than intellect. A moderately intelligent person motivated to do something will accomplish much more than a lazy genius. There are plenty of revolutions in history that were led by barely educated men. Adolf HItler had no significant education. Neither did Benito Mussolini. While these are not exactly the people you should look up to for their ideals (because fuck fascists), of course, they did have the required "smarts, charm and skill" to lead a revolution. (There were of course as with every other revolution or other historical event other factors at play, but I'll keep those out of this post for simplicity's sake)

I've seen a few extremely smart people absolutely fail in their education because they did not see the point, while on the other hand I've seen people described as "below average" intelligence greatly exceed all expectations through only hard work.

Besides that, you also need to keep in mind that in any revolution or general uprising, it's not the intellectuals doing the actual "overthrowing the government". It's the (often uneducated or poorly educated) masses.

Ah, I like you. You caught on to my lie, and called me out on it, but I mostly wrote this so people would try and become more educated in general, and used the idea of revolutionary figures for motivation. Yes, you are correct, Hitler and Mussolini were not intellects. I'm just tired of people trying to say education is not important, because I personally, believe it's one of the MOST important things people can do. I think you understand.

On a side note, I personally think Fascism (Roman Fascism, not National Socialism) is one of the greatest forms of government. I like the idea of an honor based society, and stripping away from the current monetary system we run with. Julius Caesar is a personal idol and role model to me.

Love it!  Sad that just because you are smart, doesn't make you good, too:)

Ah, to be honest I'd rather be smart and a shitty person, than be a dim-witted loveable character. It gives me that jagged edge that everyone needs. But I'm just like one of those candies that have a hard shell, and a soft, gooey inside :P

lol!  makes sense:)


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