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Ok how do u take out ur anger?? do u punch n kick everythin do u just lisen to music or draw or mosh or just do nothin

Me i just lisen to music and write stuff on the walls or DIY acouple of things but if im uber pissed i just walk it out while lisenin to music

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Drink+weed+dethmetal=happy sambo
nothing,,which in my case probably isn't the best choice,WHY?,because for the last ten years Iv'e been off meds but somehow managed not to relapse and give in to my anger,I just keep it in and walk away but I'm afraid one day ten years of stored anger will bust out and all hell will break lose and me or somebody will end up dead or me locked back up in the (torture ward) crisis unit
i keeo my anger hidden too man
Walks, screaming "I FUCKING HATE BEANS" out on the balcony, moshing, writing poetry/songs, punching things and mostly MUSIC. And i have one bad bad baddddd fuckin temper.
keep it locked inside, listen to music, use alot of cuss words and chain  smoke cigarettes
hmmm smoking. yeahh forgot that one.

smoke pot

NOMZ. fuck yeah,
nah i quit smokin pot, i stick to tobacco
find a good friend to rant to. Usually the more i talk about it the less serious it seems.
Yeah, same thing I do - talk to someone about it and rant to them. heh

oh you know what else helps thats super awesome and works like a charm?


fall asleep. there's no way you can still be pissed after a good nap.


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