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Ok how do u take out ur anger?? do u punch n kick everythin do u just lisen to music or draw or mosh or just do nothin

Me i just lisen to music and write stuff on the walls or DIY acouple of things but if im uber pissed i just walk it out while lisenin to music

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- There is always fucking

-loud music

-starting up a fight with some idiot i have always hated.

- Rant like crazy to a friend.

fucking LOL. only if you have some one who wants angry sex though.
if im mad and by myself i throw little temper tantrum, i just start throwing live everything i see, and thrashing around yelling nonsence-.-


That's probably the best answer. I'd keep my hands at my sides though, because if I were all mad and rubbing against people, I could go slam. And angry slamming leads to me fighting and being stupid. I like to slam when I hear a band that pumps me up. FUCKIN BAD BRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


Hmmmm Slamming is AMAZING for anger,. =D
I don't really get angry. I do like to rant alot though
pretty muc the same as you i listen to music
go out wait for sum1 to start on me get in a ruck fuck them over and then all my troubles are gone :) xxx
Drink than try to find the sorry bastard in the way
darme una buena cagada imaginaria en dios y cuanto santo y demonios ahi ostias LOL :P


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