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Man i love my docs. they are red/purple and absolutely amazing, and i have had em for AGESSSS. but now I wanna know weather or not to bury my babies or to just get a new zip and fix em up.??
I dunno. help a girl out?

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Anyone have advice on the best way to sew through leather? My older pair is probably beyond repair and my newer (to me) vintage pair are starting to crack on the inside & outside edge where your foot bends. I've got extra patent leather from some Army issue uniform boots. Ideas?
get an embroidery needle and a hammer, and hammer it down into the shoe other wise it wont go through, or get a loan of a sewing machien and sew it on with embriodery thread. =D
Id say keep them. Even though my soles fell off of one of my pairs of boots on both boots i just duct tape them and as long as its not raining i can still wear them :). You should just sew them though or try using a really big stapler.

To sew them is also a good bet i just use a screw driver or something really sharp and use a harmer to put a hole through it and then sew it after the holes are already made.

I say try to nurse them back to health. If you are willing to spend a couple bucks on them take them to a shoe repair store and maybe get some leather conditioner, cleaner, weather guard. I try to do that to all of my shoes (accordingly to materials) so that they last the longest fullest life.


But I think when they do kick the bucket, you should plant a pair of flowers in them instead of burying them. 

donate em,,lol share the love i'm sure there are some young and upcoming punks around that would be very grateful
imma sow my babies up. =D

definately donate. thats the very best way to go


This guy is a real douche bag, but this is what he did at a show last year...
HA what a fuckin asshole

Tie the laces together and throw that shit at a phone line. Fuck doc marten anyways.

I had these blue suede platform kreepers, and one day the thick sole fell off - on the way from a job interview of all things.. And I just fucking left em where they fell off on the side of the highway.

revive them! sew a new zip in em!... sew some belts on and close them up that way. an easier way to sew leather would be get an ice pick, a sponge, and a hammer. tap yourself some holes in the shoes with the ice pick and the sponge behind it. then you can sew through those holes.
thank you for that -=D imma try it. =D


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