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Man i love my docs. they are red/purple and absolutely amazing, and i have had em for AGESSSS. but now I wanna know weather or not to bury my babies or to just get a new zip and fix em up.??
I dunno. help a girl out?

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They look to be in better conditioner than mine (from what I can see, at least), what exactly is wrong with em? The sole still attached?
yeah the soles still there but they are splitting down the side and they are covered in muck there, ='( the side on hte left boot is comming undone and is being a fuckin bitch. i'm so scared that they will just die and give out and then i'm left with just my newrocks,.. i love my docs though. =(
Sew em! The only reason to get new footwear is if the soles are falling off, theres no real fix for that outside of paying big bucks are a shoe repair store
yeah i might just add a little more ooomph to it an sew em up big time. and i gotta add a few bells and jingley thingys on anyways. but i always want more docs anyway, mine were fuck off expensive .
Dont give up on them! Glue them and duct tape them! If you cant fix them take them to a shoe repair place and see if they can or if they can give you advice on how to fix them.
yeha i'm thinking of getting funky embroidery thread and stitching em up. like all whacked out colors and what not. =D i have had them for ages. need new ones too though,
i would try to save them. :]

lol dont bury them , send them to me instead :)


lol imma save em. my mum is all like nooo bitch no.

i have a pair of converse chucks that I've owned for about 6 years. 


they are all ripped and tattered, they were once high tops that got cut with a pair of scissors to low tops, the rubber soles are falling apart, there are still doodles on them from high school, the canvas is ripped on the sides and patched up with spare plaid fabric. 


my mom wants to burn them, but they are my favorite SO SHE CAN'T HAVE THEM. 

sew em up patch em up best you can? 

maybe or frame em. =D 

wow my converse at most last about a year but only when i dont skate



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