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..anyone ever saw the documentary?

if not you can see it here (just keep watching the parts).

What do you think about the situation back then? Was it better back then or now? Discuss please.

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litmus green is a kick ass band. fastest vocals ive ever heard in punk.
there all good. DOWC 1 is also about the start of punk, a lot to do with older bands, also a great documentary.

the scary part though is, i actually have my version of decline 3 up RIGHT NOW as i saw this post lol.

if your looking for some other documentaries:
-american hardcore
-decline of western civiliazation-1
-born to lose-the last Rock N/roll movie/jhonny thunders
-hardcore logo(mockumentary)
-another state of mind(documentary on social D's tour)
-UK/DK-a film about skins and punks
all are really good.
i KNEW i was forgetting one, i coudent put my finger on it!

thank you, and like she said punk attitude is a great one also. lol
..yay more documentaries to find! thanks.

What annoys me in the DOWC 3 is that they all say they live for beer and really that is just not right even by punk. The bands were great though.
it kina made me sad because when all the bands talked in the documentary they were all very intelligent/talented, but all of the punks they intervied there seemed too stupid to get the point of what most of the bands were trying to say, i didnt hear any well thought out expinations to any of Penelope Spheeris questions.

and although they didseem very unintelligent most of em were really funny.
i don't think she was looking for the root of punk, in the first one she asks more in-depth questions to bands(they mainly interview bands)
in this one i think she was just showing what punk has become, why the kid you yell at on the corner of the street is the way he/she is. why there drinking every day instead of buying food, why you'll never see any of them alone type of thing.
i found this one was based more around the lives they live rather then what they believe in. but like i said this is just me.
also you gotta remember a lot of the people she was interviewing where already drunk, i think it was squid who was drinking as he talked to her, and others who said they made 2 bucks on the way there and they'll be buying beer with it.
..thats why its sad that they viewed punk in that matter cause it really is contradictory in a way.

BTW does anyone have a link to the full first DoWC ? I cant find it

thats a play list for it, i didn't watch all the way through though, just the first few mins to make sure it is. dunno if its gonna work 100% though, if it dosent i do have a copy on my computer, but i dunno how you feel of pirating :P thanks! I ll watch it now =D. Well pirating movies I dont exactly go against it since I m all in favor of free entertainment =P. Not sure how you planned of getting a copy to me, email?
would probably upload it on file upload or something, if that doesn't work ill just create a torrent if you know how to use torrents. (if you don't and wanna learn i can give you a pretty quick guide if you want)
..yes i use torrents and it would be good if you d upload it, piratebay dot org?
ya, gimmie a few minutes, ill work on getting it up


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