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 I don't know about the rest of you, but I often find myself contemplating the pros and cons of modern technology and the Internet. I've come to discover that the internet brings people together from all over the world and fantastic things (such as music, mantras to tell yourself when in a rut, stories and fantasies, new technology, and relationships that weren't even possible twenty years ago) are created because everyone is connected. It's truly amazing what the internet has done for the world, but there are many cons to this convenience. While communication becomes easier people are starting to lose the craving for face to face communication. Humans naturally enjoy contact with another, but where did that go? People of all ages are becoming drones of the media and have began to trust everything they see on the internet or hear without basic evidence or reasoning. The internet is a great holder of knowledge, but the majority of people spend their moments on the web losing brain cells instead of trying to gain intelligence. 

 What are your thoughts? Are you caught in the web or do you use it to better yourself? Have you lost friends to the conveniences of the world or have you gained friends for half way around the world? What is your opinion on modern technology?

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Speaking for myself, the Internet has been the medium that I have used to find my true self. I would never have become a Hawker if not for the Internet. I grew up as a shy, quiet person. I used to read a LOT of books, and in that respect, I must say the Internet has done a tremendous one reads anything in print anymore. But if not for the Internet, I would still be that shy, quiet, person. But I learned a lot without the Internet as I grew up with a Father that taught me mechanics and building construction so we were always doing things together in the Shop. Had we had the Internet then, maybe I would not have been doing all that hands on, as I must say my Son spends more time on PS3 and DS than I would like him to, as well as being on the Net. On the flip side, people today work at their jobs so many more hours that they are just unable to find the time to spend with their kids that they used to be able to. I am guilty of that myself. So I would say the Internet is a wonderful medium, I would not want to be without it, but people need to keep control on themselves not to let it overtake their lives. I think Society today is being damaged by a large number of factors, only one of which may be the Internet.....cell phones, our expectations being too high, lack of patience, and such are all doing as much damage as the Internet. When I look back at my childhood, versus the one my Son is now growing up in, it does sadden me as he will never experience a lot of the hands on doing that I did, but you can't live in the past either. I guess all you can do is be a good person, and try not to let Society change who you really are! :-)

 You've mentioned some very good points, DeathHawkMan! I suppose many people just get themselves sucked into it and don't have a whole lot of self control. I was incredibly shy when I was younger also. If I had never discovered The Misfits I have a feeling I would still be that shy little girl in the corner of the room.

I think the Internet started off much nicer than it's become.  It was both much more polite and strong on Netiquette (considering what you post and how it affects others).

What I've noticed in the last number of years, is that some people treat dealing with others on the Internet as 'not real people'.  This often is their excuse to be ignorant to real people (online).  Even apparently nice people often let folk down, don't keep their word, etc. Whereas in real life they'd be much less likely to forget, turn off or just ignore someone.  The Internet has made it seem far too easy to get away with being ignorant.

You often read people saying: 'I don't care', etc. and I think this is a major problem.  People have detached themselves from the fact they are dealing with real people - and that they have responsibility for who they are - just because they pretend the Internet as something 'different' from other communication methods (like letters, etc.).  It isn't, since it's still communication between real people expressing real thoughts in writing, speech or video.

Another problem is the trivialising of 'friends', where people add hundreds of people without any intention of ever getting to know them - mostly it seems they just use them to appear 'popular'.  But to me, I'm wary that they're likely to be shallow and likely not good to know if they have so many contacts.  They're just too thinly spread and have no time to form proper friendships.

I guess that's another thing that's often seen now too in popular sites - communication between people is much shorter and lacks any real content.  It's mostly few word replies or 'Likes' and no real actual exchange of thoughts takes place.

I do like many things the Internet offers, it's fantastic for knowledge and finding out anything you want to know.  It's incredibly useful as a resource, although you can get waylaid for hours in unexpected discoveries!  And then, don't get me started about Candy Crush Saga addiction ;)  There are nice bits, but it used to be more friendly online.  Now people seem too busy to spend much time bothering and mostly lurk and never reply instead.


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