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I've been thinking, who are the most popular members of this site? To find out, we shall vote the top 5 most popular members. I think Giant Mohawk Man is at #1 and Bendy is at #2. So cast your vote.


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I know, but the whole idea of this discussion is to vote for who YOU think are the top 5 members- so cast your vote :D
me...nuff said lol
You have my vote fair citizen! FullMetalFetus 2011!
hehe :P
fuck yeah! i approve this message

The most popular people on the site don't come on anymore. It would be Khaos, Segadoway, CorpseQueen, and Son of Architect, and Antoinette. I used to come on a lot, now I'm just every now and then when I get bored.


For recent times the only consistent person I've seen is Steve.

If you were not here about 2 years ago, you really missed out on this site. It has gone extremely down hill.


I used to be a much better place. Witty people, GMM was actually involved, good debates, few topics were redundant, etc. And best of all trolls were ostracized to the point of extinction. 

no, i wasn't on MR then :(
Yeah, I'm sorry. You really missed out. Most of these people I listed you won't recognize because they got fed up and left. The site got over a few thousand members and was just a bunch of random crap. CorpseQueen still visits and gives good advice from time to time, but I have a feeling she is like me and doesn't spend nearly as much time on here anymore.
Thats really sad :(
I'm on fairly often. Between not having Internet and the forums being rather dead I get bored pretty quick when I do come on..

You always have something good to say. I get tired of helping about the noobies. 


I also get pretty bored too.


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