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I've been thinking, who are the most popular members of this site? To find out, we shall vote the top 5 most popular members. I think Giant Mohawk Man is at #1 and Bendy is at #2. So cast your vote.


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I agree. I'm really glad I started this up haha. 


I like the auto delete posts idea, but I also like to view other older threads. Like Kabalos started a Hair Dye thread and has great information, but doesn't get a lot of posts. I have gone to it before for reviews. And I don't that GMM is super active like he used to be either. I know he still takes care of the site, but I rarely see activity from him in the threads.


I DO like the auto-delete profiles part a lot. I think that after a year of inactivity a profile should be deleted. I understand why GMM wouldn't want to do this, it might look like the site is declining instead of growing. For the sake of the site, I think that this would be a great improvement.


Also I can't STAND the slutty pictures of girls and the guys drooling over them. I think that there should be some sort of "Report" button. It just gets really gross and out of hand. 


As for the community comparison I think GMM has a point, but at the same time there are a few differences. Such as "How do I find the grocery store?" well, you should drive around the main roads first, then ask. People on the site are not really "driving around" the site, but rather asking for directions immediately. 

i think the auto delete thread concept should be given a good amount of time before the thread gets scrapped. like if after 6 months no user has commented on a thread then the thread will be auto deleted. 6 months is plenty of time for users to take interest in a thread, particularly once the forums are more organized! and for those pure gold threads like the one you mentioned, a mod should be able choose to "sticky" or "lock" that thread, disabling the auto delete feature for that thread until it is decided it can be unlocked.

Yeah, that sounds reasonable. I just fear that some really good threads will disappear.


Also, what about groups? There are like a million of them and very few are active and many are similar.  

Just an idea; how about a forum section for popular threads? Kinda like an FAQ section, just redirect any clone-threads to the more frequented one

I have definitely not been as active as I was in the past, but am ramping back up.  I had some major real world stuff going on (all good and for another post) that definitely lowered my activity level.  I love this site and community and thanks in part to this discussion I am really looking for a resurgence in tools for this site and community to grow stronger (not necessarily bigger).


There would definitely be some "administrivia" problems to deleting users.  Stuff like if I actually tried to not operate in the red and other stuff saying you have more members is a plus.  However, I do not really see that that is in the interest of our community.  It's kind of like if you had to choose between a 100 people in a tight-nit community utilizing resources nicely or 10,000 people in an old abandoned run-down city planet of the apes style with a statue of liberty fallen over.  At least people of our ilk would in large part choose the 100 person community.  Although some may want the big city so they can kick in car windows and destroy it more - and there in you have the difference.


Report button I think is there but maybe hard to find, i need to check permissions, but if nothing else just email me on here, Nudity is definitely not allowed for a variety of reasons.


Great community comparison.  I think like CorpseQueen mentioned that if we had more organization then they'd know how to drive around better, and better modding would at least mean when they ask a question people are there not to give them written directions but a map that has already been drawn out for those before them.

I will definitely do some research into forum organization around here according to all of your ideas.  I will also look into expanding the number of mods.  We have had some in the past but like all things I think they have become less involved.


As far as tits in shirts, yes, for this site anyway keep them there.  Surprisingly over 3.5 years this community has for the most part been very respectful of that rule.  Recently, we had a member violate the rule and those pictures have been removed and I have reminded them of the policy and the fact that we do not have an age limit nor an endless supply of international law experts to justify even trying to allow "artistic expression" of this type.  There are other websites that folks can post this content to if they so wish.


For the record, I know you do do a great job of helping noobs :)

When i get internet at home i will gladly volunteer to be a forum mod if you are in need lol.
Hmmm, that is interesting Brody.  Have they checked the spam filters in their email accounts?  I'm wondering if we are getting automatically scrapped to junk mail accidently by certain mail systems.  This definitely needs to be fixed so let me know.


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