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I cant tell you how many times I've been walking through the supermarket or the mall, and had some young kid, usually single digit years old, make some comment about me to their parent(s). Sometimes their words are typical, but sometimes they are pretty damn funny, but either way, they always say it pretty loudly :p

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I've yet to take a pic with a little kid.
I've got one of me making a Korean kid's day by having a photo with him :D
ya, i once had some dude want a picture with me cause my hair, i was headin to the music shop in the mall and this group of like 3 friends were saying my hair was cool and shit, an ya. and the mall is packed with kids that always whisper shit to their parents
I've never had a kid cry after walking by them, well, except my niece, which I explained earlier in this discussion. I have heard kids tell their parents they want one. I've also heard parents ask their kids if they want one after I walk by ^_^
Some of you must have gotten the "you're like the guy from Guitar Hero" before. Not just from kids, but adults as well.
Best remark from a kid so far, "mom he looks like a.....scary guy." He had such a hard time thinking of an adjective to describe me, that was definitely the reason it's the best one yet. It was like he started talking before he even knew what he was even going to say.

I get the BEST reactions from little kids. I had a little girl dressed all up in pink with her hair in a bow one time tug at her mom's hand and go "I want hair like that some day!"

A lot of times parents of kids with little fauxhawks or baby-hawks will be like "you can have your hair tall like that some day!"

I love it :]

I made a lil girl cry once. Well, it was really her mums fault. She started pulling on her mums arm, saying 'look mum', when her mum saw me she said 'oh, would you like your hair like that ?' The girl started crying and sobbing 'no mummy, don't do that to my beautiful hair'. I felt bloody awful after that :s
hahaha I bet even the mother didn't expect that reaction from her own daughter. I don't know why she'd cry when being asked a question; its not like her mother was saying you ARE going to have hair like that someday... she was leaving it open to suggestion.

yeah! happened today!: little girl:"Mom why does the man have a ring in his nose?" Mother: "I don't know honey" little girl: "he is a bull"



i work in a bookshop like near the children section its so fuuny they come running in and just look and sudently stop and stare run back to their parents or they whisper to each other cutest one i had was a lil kid bout 4 put a book on his head and just scream out at me LOOK I CAN DO IT TOO amd run off =)
little kids usually love my hair, i had one little boy tell me i looked like a rockstar, then he told me my hair was beautiful. i dyed it hot pink a few weeks ago though, and yesterday i was in line at wal-mart behind a little girl maybe 2 years old at the oldest and her mom, the little girl saw my hair and said uh-oh the whole time. i guess she thought it was an accident that my hair ended up that way, it was cute though.


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