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I cant tell you how many times I've been walking through the supermarket or the mall, and had some young kid, usually single digit years old, make some comment about me to their parent(s). Sometimes their words are typical, but sometimes they are pretty damn funny, but either way, they always say it pretty loudly :p

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my daughter n l'il cuzins loved playing with the sandpaper stubble on the sides of my head... Its cool here on the rez in the summer tons of kids ask and get mohawks here....they pass and tell their parents...."I want a cut just like that!"
Never got anything like that from elderly people. As far as the little kid in the mall... I'd feel horrible for the poor kid and I know the parents would hate me if the kid was old enough to thoroughly tell the parents why he tripped... but I wont lie, id find it kinda funny too.
The elderly ask if your a paratrooper 'cauze of a famous photo which appeared in Stars and Stripes(WWII), showing two members of the 101st Airborne wearing Indian-style "mohawks" and applying war paint to one another. The inspiration for this came from a paratrooper named Jake McNiece, who was part Native-American. In some airborne units, they adopted it to show how bad ass they were vs the regular army and to scare the Nazis too!
Haha great stories guys, keep em comin if you got more!
Today a little kid in Mcdonalds kept saying I looked like "chicken man", so I flapped my arms like chicken wings and clucked at him lol. His mom then explained that he has a toy of a man in a chicken suit with hair the same color as mine lol.
i was at my little step brothers birthday party, and some little girl kept coming up and poking my liberty spikes and rubbing the designs on the side of my head, as soon as i would turn around she'd run off giggling. it was pretty cute until they cracked the pinata and the sticky, candy reidue covered hands came into play. i dont usually get very many negative reactions from the young ones, it's the older senior citizens that usually have a mouthful to say.
yeah when i first cut mine into a mowhak i expected remarks from older people but they seem to love mine, the only bad remarks i have ever got were from teenagers who think they are gangstas lol
hmmm, i guess the elderly are just grumpier in my area. i'm going to see my nana later today, it'll be her first time seeing my hair and she wasnt to happy to hear i was keeping it.

Yep, same here. Some kids in Manchester, NH (population about 100,000, versus the 20,000 of Portsmouth where I live) were talking amongst themselves and one kid suggested I was a "punk ass" or something like that at some point when I walked by them, either to his friends, or to me directly, I couldn't tell which because he mumbled it so quietly. They wouldn't say anything to my face though, but I guess my girlfriend overheard one of the kids say that "punk ass" remark. They were clearly hip hop gangsta wannabees since they had the correct dress code going on for that. Another thing that suggested they were into the hip hop scene was the fact that they were even in a city period. How often do you hear people blasting metal or punk music in a car, Especially in a city? Its always some rhythmic bass that you hear that rattles the old-ass car they are usually driving in.


Funny thing is, they were either young teens or tweens, a good 5-10 years younger than me.

dude i know how ya feel haha, i hate lil pussy wanna bees, all they ever do is talk and when you get up in their face they have nothing to say, 95% of ppl that talk shit-will pussy out
I love little kids reactions to the hawk :p the first negative comment i got of it though was last week i was at kohl's in line n this kid goes like "mommy look spiky hair...i don't like that... it looks stupid" and he was like 4-5 didn't know what he was sayin lol his mom was so embarrassed i just laughed n said i didn't care lol still funny. but like 2 weeks ago i was in a gas station bathroom n this little boy goes to his dad "y he have hair like that" n dude goes "Heeee just wants attention" i was gonna deck him if his kid wasn't there lmao. But usually i just wink at the kids and smile at the parents.
i wouldve told him"yo suck ma dick!"


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