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this child is now being sent to prison or juvy as we call it here because he did the world a great favour fucking disgusting poor kid all he did was a kill a nazi scum 

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if you read the whole article he also most probably shot him for the abuse he was receiving from him and all the mistreatment and im sorry but anyone that abuses a child should be shot the fact that he was a nazi scum is a bonus
aye glad you agree
It is sad the abuse this boy suffered and now, along with his family trauma, he will become even more fucked up in prison. Even if the court didn't want to send him to prison they had to as it is the law for killing. It's just a shame some even worse shit haden't happened to that dad before the kid cracked and killed him. Hope the bastard rots in hell for screwing up his kids life.
The kid most likely had learned behavior of aggression from his father. Fears and physical violence attributes to it.

Kids who say No = 1

Nazis = 0

hating a nazi is the same as hating another person for the way they "think, feel, look...etc"


you are no better than the so called "nazi scum" you speak of.....

right so you agree with them do you no im guessing you dont that makes you also just as bad but im sorry id rather be an antifa then a nazi but im fairly certain that i have the moral high ground on this one

no, i never said i agreed with anyone. if you would read correctly...

you not have a moral high ground for shit, everyone is human and with being has every right to have their own opinion...

so no you are any better than a "nazi scum"...get over yourself dude....

fine mate if thats what you think fine but look at what their doing to the world specialy in estern europe and then have one of your closets mates killed by one of them then tell me their deserve they poisonous opinion

there are people from all walks of life that kill others. so don't feed me that shit.

i've had friends killed by certain groups..

but i will not stoop as low as them.

you on the other hand...are

no they killed him specifically because of how he looked and the colour of his skin so fuck and im sorry for your friends and you know what maybe i am but fuck it i cant stand and let these people ruin lives even if its too stop them beating the living hell out of someone just standing up to then then yer fine im as bad as them
yep... you sound just like em...

ok fine i cant please everyone so, sorry 

but do you agree that he still did the world a service by getting rid of an abusive farther who dint feed him and most likely abused him


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