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Recently I've noticed an odd difference in the thickness on the top and front of my head versus the back of my head. When styling the hawk, the front is quite wispy and often has lots of small gaps, whereas the back is a thick, fluffy wall of hair. I assume it's because either:
 a) I'm going bald, or
 b) the front gets more product and is slowly dying.
 I'm going to have a chat with a hairdresser soon but has anyone else experienced anything like this? Why does it happen and how can I fix it?

Attatched: Not the best photo, but the most recent side-on one. Taken as the problem started up.

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mine is thiner in the back, but it's because when i first got it cut i went to a stylist so the lines would be staight. as she is cutting it she says" oh yeah i tapered the back" i keep meaning to grow it out so i can cut it back thicker, but i shave my sides all the way down, and once it starts growing out it gets on my nerves, and i always shave it back down.
When you shave it make the line straight, it will take awhile for it to get some length but it's the best way to widen it without starting over..
To be honest, judging by your hairline in the picture it looks like your hair is thinning.. I'm not really sure there's a whole lot you can do about it. Maybe try widening the front a smidge so that there is more hair there when you put it up to match the back?
Thinning hair at 17... woohoo.
I got ur thickness
Esp. since your a male, you're hair may be starting to thin on the top and stay thick near the back. But for many people, their hair is less dense on the top and esp. near the hair line. I'm suspecting this many be a styling error and not the beginning of any type of significant hair loss.

Mine is thinner near the hair line and in the crown area. When I put mine up, it is gappy in some places, just as yours is.

I'd say unless when you comb or brush your hair and your noticing gobs of hair coming out, not to worry. But still see a stylist. If I was close to you, I'd be over in a jiffy!


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