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Soooooo.... what do you guys think? lol..


I'm the kind of person that gets really bored of my hair, really fast. I usually just fix that by dying my hair. But i totally killed my hair. So no more dying... *sigh*..... that being said, i'm thinking of just shaving it all off, and starting again. My hair is about 13 inches long now, and its a bitch to put it up because of the length. I'm kinda waiting for my bangs and shit to grow back, so if i shave off my hawk, i can at least still have a chelsea or whatever. hmmm... i dunno though! help! hahah :D

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My hawk had gotten to a point where it was really long...too long to put up by myself. I just got a friend to cut it shorter and now I have it up all the time. I think your hawk is beautiful and you should keep it, but it's all up to you. Go with your gut feeling on it. :)
When I cut mine i regret it. Just cut it to like 5 inches.
yeahh i'm probably just gunna cut it half off or something. a little more managable that way :)
When I shaved mine off I had no really options to play with for about 3 months. I also go nutty when I can't change my hair. That was a hard 3 months for me. I'd take that into consideration.
it would seem you have already cut it but theres nothing wrong with shaving your head.. i had a chelsea for awhile and i loved it..growing your hair back is a total bitch but at least it grows back nice and healthy. its a good move (specially in the summer) if your looking to start from scratch.
You always give excellent advice.
i would just cut it some, not all the way. I got mine cut off a year ago and regretted it after 5 minutes. Then i regretted it for the next year. I dont know why i didnt get it back sooner.
Occasionally I've shaved off my 'hawk, sometimes it's refreshing just to have a change and you look so different in the mirror after for a long while. Got to say though, when I chopped my 'hawk down a few inches to sort out a bad chop at the back, it was depressing.

I think the difference is, what your goal is, if you want a change in style and that matches chopping it off, then it's not a problem. And as others say, it grows back, plus it feels even better when you have had a change and then got your hair back to where you want it. Without change, it can get a bit stale and once your hair gets fried it's easier to start afresh IMHO. You notice the improvement more, just be patient as your hair grows back in. =)


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