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okay, so i dye my hair quite often, like twice a month, and i only ever bleach my roots to try and protect the ends. but i've found that the ends of my hair like to snap off and my mohawk has trouble growing in the middle section, making it shorter than the rest of it. are there any products in the UK that i can get to hellp this, or any tips and tricks to help it grow?

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Take biotin and use Mane N' Tail shampoo/conditioner (not sure if its available in the UK) will make your hair grow better. Dyeing your hair with semi-permanent dye isnt bad for it, but the day before dyeing I recommend using a leave-in conditioner. 

Also, to make your 'hawk look fuller, use a leave-in conditioner (garnier leave in conditioner is cheap and good) the day before you think your gonna put it up, and the day after you wash it out.

It's available in some UK online stores.
For mohawk length, what I use , that I think absolutely works the best, is time.
it'll grow alot over summer when i'm back with my parents because i don't tend to fuss around with my hair when i'm home for summer, but yeah, time and trimming split ends seems to be my only option.
not fussed about the thickness, i like the thickness it is now, but thanks for the tips guys :)
dont even worry about trimming split ends? Who cares if the ends are split? The punk police? lol sorry for being so insensitive. my point stands though
Split ends make hair look shorter, especially on a mohawk. It also causes hair to take longer to grow (think of it as a rope with frayed ends)
yeah split ends make it look shorter, and i actually meant i have to keep trimming it because as i said it doesn't grow in a certain area at the back, which means it grows everywhere else, making it look stupid!

I know what you mean, my first mohawk got itself into a rectangle shape after about a year.  It was around christmas time too, that the rectangle was at its most prominent, so all the family photos have a big squared off mohawk in them :(


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