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okay, so on my everyday walk to uni ive gotta walk over a big mutha of a bridge, and every day atleast 3 of the white van men...vans or chavs toot their horn at me, does anyone get this? -_- its so fricken annoying.

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Anytime I walked anywhere in highschool and any time I walk somewhere with my hair up.. Doesn't bother me. My friends and I used to carry airhorns so we could honk back.
hahah ive been egged by white van men before. never beep their horns tho. they must not find me attractive :(
class lol i might get me an airhorn haha
I live in east london not a stones throw from stratford home of the 2012 olympics home of the chav and the hoodys lol to be honest not much of a punk scene here but i have to say i get a lot of smiles and people asking about my hair oh and the odd shout of oi nutter but hey fuck them im happy :)
haha sounds ace :p i got called a greb by some chavs that i didnt do ought to today XD they called my D.M;s space boots...wtfff?
I've never had the opportunity to ask this until now, but do you have an american translation for "chavs"? I've heard it many times before, but never had a clear idea of what they are!
its simple :p go to google n put in chav ;)

From what I can tell they remind me of college frat boys, or at least very similar. Might just be one of those things you can only know if you were brought up with it... like navajo.

To get on with the discussion, I know what you mean about people honking when your walking. I never quite understood what they're trying to accomplish! At first I used to wave, then as I got more annoyed it turned into me flippin em off yelling "DOES MOM KNOW YOUR DRIVING HER CAR!?!?!" which usually results in them stopping in hopes of intimidating me... again, confusion on my part as to what they're trying to accomplish

maybe their just a scrawny pointless version of jocks lol some chavs followed me n a mate up the town centre lastnite shouting GREEBO IM GUNNA KICK YA HEAD IN YA SKANK! my responce...rather be a greebo than a chav lol

Chavs are very similar to Neds. heh


Okay, I'll give a better description: They usually hang in groups, drink, shout and either try and irritate or intimidate.  A lot of them delight in shouting out 'smart' remarks at anyone passing to impress their posse with their lack of restraint.


It's a bit like dealing with 5 years olds, they spout and point at anything they see and enjoy a bit of a rough play and tumble.  They often haven't developed the thing that is so important for being considered worthy and respected as you grow up - conscience.


Still, sometimes you can meet some nice ones.

i think their exactly the same lol they need to stay where they belong..working in mcdonals =| lol
Maybe they were rapists, saw you and thought,"You know, as much as I love rapin. That person has cool hair. I think I'm just gunna honk." Yup. :)


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