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Sooo, i plan on going to Vancouver, LA, and New York in atleast the next year. I was wondering if anyone knew of any interesting places to check out, such as bars, shops, national parks or any places that are just damn awsome.

While on the topic, where are some places any of you plan on going or have been?

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I´m running away from sweden 10 of april and I dont have any plans to go back soon just hope to figure out what to do with my life hitchhiking around =) plans so far is germany 18-25 of april then holland, belgium then in mars france for a while and after that england. Problably heading down in balkan again and the rest will be a surprise! might move to france if it doesnt suck :p
Whoa it sounds so awesome, just hitchhiking around! I should do that some time haha!  :D

I'm planning on going to Berlin this summer with my best friend Martin (JadetMartin) and my best girl friend Marie (McCracken). I've been there 5 times before, and I'm also going there 14th March.

I've actually wrote a blog post about it. I'm in love with Berlin, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. :3

hey kaast i just came back from there last week, its amazzing i loved it! Plus it was nice to meet martin! We were talking about going over again and meeting, hopefully then! :) xx

Ya, it could be awesome. He's talked about you and such, and I'd like to meet you. :D

Btw., you're absolutely gorgeous. :3

Aww sweet, I'm a fucking state aha but thank you :) your lovely also :D Yea It sounds like a plan, I'm been learning a couple of danish words aha! I'm thinking about popping over in a month or so. Would be lovely to meet ya :) xx
Haha, again, awesome. To all of it! :D
Me, my sis, and a small group of friends are going to be backpacking/hitch hiking/trainhopping to the west coast this summer.  We're going up to Washington then heading south through Oregon and California before coming back to the midwest.  I've been on several road trips over the last couple of years, but never walked hundreds of miles before. I'm stoked!  I love hiking and camping, so this should be a real adventure!
How are you gonna do this? I'm just curious because I wanna travel too lol
HA! X )


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