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So the other day i got kicke dout of my hosue after a huge fist fight with my brother and beign thrown down the stairs. I was heading over to my drummer's house(I'm in a band called Paste Card, look us up sometime,, he offered to let me stay at his place for the night. So i packed up my stuff and headed out. As i was walking i got jumped by a bunch of blacks and mexicans. They beat the shit out of me and took my stuff. There was at least ten guys, so i stood no chance. Luckily the worse of my inuries is a minor concussion and some brusied ribs. Anyways, there is where the unity part comes in. I was heading to school this morning, as i'm walking this car pulls up next to me. The window rolls down and this guy with liberty spikes asks me my name. I told him and he asked if i was the kid who got mugged by sunrise(a park where i live). I said i was, and got ready for a fight. Next thing i knwo all the car doors open up and a bunch of punks get out. One of them was carrying my backpack and stuff. They handed it to me and explained how they got it. They heard that some guy got mugged by sunrise and that he was wearing a leather jacket with a bunch of studs and had a mo-hawk. So they decided to head over and check it out. They apparently beat the shit out of these guys. The reason they did this was because i was a fellow punk, and they had seen me at some of the local shows before. I'm not asking for pity or sympathy out of this. I'm just trying to explain how i know that(at least around here) unity is coming back. That punks are starting to stop their bickering of the different kinds and come together. Has anyone else had an experience that showed them that there is a form of unity coming about among the punks?

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i don't like fighting, i think it's a failure to communicate and resolve things logically. i'm a pretty big guy too i'm 6'2" and about 230lbs so i think people are hesitant to try it based purely on my size, (most "punks" and other people in general who have problems with me are alot smaller than me). I also don't fight fair, i don't believe in a fair fight they don't exist, if someone is stupid enough to start a fight then they better be prepared for anything, that includes me throwing sand in their eyes and beating them with a tire iron lol
I agree that fair fights are a myth. If they existed then people wouldn't need help from their friends.
yup, thats why i always travel with friends, i got too many enemies that think the same way i do
Lol i actually was trained by my friends in T.O.S how to use knives and swords. When i say knives, i mean the foot long ones that were common for foot soldiers in ancient times. I know how to cut hamstrings, and other vital muscles in a matter of a few seconds. My jacket is large enough to conceal my favorite knife. So ever since i got mugged i've been carrying it on me. If they want to jump me again i welcome it now. I'm ready from this day on basically. It really is a beautiful knife though. I sharpened it after finding it in the junk yard. Cleaned it up fairly nicely. It has an egyptian prayer for abundance in crops on it.
man no offence but really if you cant fight with out weapons or outside resources then you kinda gotta re evaluate the situation maybe its cause of where i grew up but you gotta have more honor than that
Different areas, different codes of conduct. I refuse to use weapons if its one on one. If they decide to out number me i will even the odds anyway i can.
butterfly knife and brass knuckles... never used them for a fight, and i don't really want to, but they're there if i should need them.
This gave me chills
i'd just like to say, you're story gives me hope for the future.

and it made me smile, not what happened to you, but that there are still people out there that would do that.
This is a wonderful story. I don't really have any stories like this...I wish I did, although where I live it seems like every punk knows each other or at least knows OF/is a friend of a friend. I think it's pretty cool. Unity is the way to go. United we stand, divided we fall.


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