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So the other day i got kicke dout of my hosue after a huge fist fight with my brother and beign thrown down the stairs. I was heading over to my drummer's house(I'm in a band called Paste Card, look us up sometime,, he offered to let me stay at his place for the night. So i packed up my stuff and headed out. As i was walking i got jumped by a bunch of blacks and mexicans. They beat the shit out of me and took my stuff. There was at least ten guys, so i stood no chance. Luckily the worse of my inuries is a minor concussion and some brusied ribs. Anyways, there is where the unity part comes in. I was heading to school this morning, as i'm walking this car pulls up next to me. The window rolls down and this guy with liberty spikes asks me my name. I told him and he asked if i was the kid who got mugged by sunrise(a park where i live). I said i was, and got ready for a fight. Next thing i knwo all the car doors open up and a bunch of punks get out. One of them was carrying my backpack and stuff. They handed it to me and explained how they got it. They heard that some guy got mugged by sunrise and that he was wearing a leather jacket with a bunch of studs and had a mo-hawk. So they decided to head over and check it out. They apparently beat the shit out of these guys. The reason they did this was because i was a fellow punk, and they had seen me at some of the local shows before. I'm not asking for pity or sympathy out of this. I'm just trying to explain how i know that(at least around here) unity is coming back. That punks are starting to stop their bickering of the different kinds and come together. Has anyone else had an experience that showed them that there is a form of unity coming about among the punks?

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I get what your saying, and your totaly right, it isnt unity its just what all the assholes in my school do, cast everyone out that isnt like you. And that is elitist bullshit. but me and about half the p[eople im friends with would have helped him out no matter what he is like. We believe in unity, which means UNITY, for all, because if its not for all, then its not unity.
I do like this concept, you would be right if it weren't for the fact that i wasn't the only one they helped out. I generally don't wear my hawk up when i'm just walking around, to much un wanted attention from it. I usually am clean cut and look typical because i don't liek talking to people. The only reason they knew i was a punk was because we share common friends that i didn't know about. I actually found out recently that these guys mugged several other random people. They do admit that they helped me first because we hold that common bond. I was the first on the list to get their stuff back. After that theya ttempted to fidn the otehr people apparently. So had they just helped me i would agree that it was more of a tribal thing, as oppose to unity. This however was not the case, they helped everyone, i was just the top priority. I could talk to them some more if you want. We have been seeign more and more of each other recently, planning on going to a few shows with them. But i do liek the input, it made me think of this situation in a different way. Which led me to asking them a few questions.
always glad to discuss things, people here are so good at it! and relatively civil to boot
Its rare to actually have constructive conversation with nayone on any site anymore. Hell i can't even get people around my town to talk about issues like this or politics. Its depressing to say the least.
me, my best friend, and his mom had a pretty good discusion on religion the other day. We all have our own views on it and it was pretty cool. i dont usually get to talk like that with people anymore.
devoid of logical and respectful human contact within our own respective spheres of influence? lol people here are pretty ignorant and damned impulsive to boot, they love to act on instinct rather than think it out reasonably. I got some friends that are doing that with me and its making me angry. Oh well eventually they'll get over it.

Well explained mate. I agree, I think unity between punks isn't a bad thing in itself, but we can't be exclusive about it. Punk to me is about empowerment, the empowerment is needed to make change. We can't do that amongst just ourselves, so we have to reach out to anybody who ever got shat on.

The way we'll build something new and get rid of shit like bigotry is to work and fight for the good of our communities. We gotta do that alongside anyone who's up for it. That's my idea of the power of punks.
Me and my friends are in a punk band, we sing mainly of politics, religion, society, and other important issues. We cant decide on a band name, either Bombs Fall Skyward, or Pray for Gunfire.
My band's called State of Revenge, lots of anti-government and anti-social sentiments, i also write songs about personal struggles with drugs and hatred. We're still in the process of forming but i've got an entire setlist written. I'm really excited about it.
Awsome, do you guys have any music recorded yet?
i've got a cd full of guitar tracks but thats about it, we haven't gotten around to doing full band recording yet. it'd difficult to do because i go to school in Norman which is about 3 hours away from the rest of the band lol we'll have the setlist done by summer tho so its all good.
Where is your band located? My band is doing a self produced tour, from colorado to the West coast. If you are alogn the way we would love to see youg uys, or even play a show with you.


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