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I've read many post in which people say they use different types of hairspray but I haven't heard anyone say they use/used school glue. I know I can't be the only one. Out of all the people I know/knew and the friends I've had, I was the only one that used school glue to hawk and spike up my hair. Soooo out of curiosity does any one use glue or have used glue in their hair?

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STEVE, THAT IS  MY NONSENSE !!!!  ----8% =
OH YEAH. good suggestion
I've heard of people using eggs and all kinds of weird shit...  Wait .. that's f or dreads.. lol..  Neva mind.  In any case I use the hair glue from Garnier Nutrise.  It's awesome...

i use school glue mixed with hair gel, but thats shit and im trying to figure out another way of putting up

lol my hawk got so damn high I just said fuck it,I just keep it in a braid for the most part put it up on the weekends lol which actually works out because I have to wear a hard hat for 8 hours a day and the braid fits me well I like it
i use too, but the flakes from when it dried made my hair look like mad dandruff, i tried spray on craft glue but had the same problem, so i stick to hairspray and rockaholic modeling glue.
 hve nigga napps soo i just blow out my hair and used got to be glued.I cANT use nothing to stick or wet in my hair when i do spiking or anything sooo i just use gotabglued...ANd nope ive never met a friend that uses glue


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