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Hey guys,


I haven't been on here much over the last 4-6 months, because I've been busy studying for an awesome job, but I've run into a problem: my mohawk is roughly 20 inches tall now, and I'm having a very hard time getting it to stand up now. I can get it to stand up, but it takes 1-2 hours of work, and it doesn't stand up solidly; the spikes are very wobbly and tend to try to fall down MUCH sooner than when they were just an inch or 2 shorter. Basically from between inches 1 and 17 or 18, they would stand up NO PROB, but immediately after the 18 inch mark, the quality and longevity of the spikes has dropped exponentially within about 2 weeks, so I am kind of confused as to what the deal is. I am pondering some sort of external support at this point... some physical objects I can place within the spikes or on the outsides (that don't look hideous lol) to get them to stand like they used to. My hair is bleached blonde with some residual greenish-blue tones from a blue dye job quite some time ago.


Products I've been using are got2b freeze spray, and got2b glued. I know everyone has their preference as to which products they consider the "best" products, but these 2 products DO work because they have worked extremely well up until this point... now they are just not cutting it alone.


Any ideas for any sort of reinforcement? Any external objects to hold the spikes up or some other third product?


Thank ya kindly! ^_^

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Dunno how to help man, but when mine was gettin' long I had the same problem. *shrug* I cut mine, and it's good as gold again.
same thing is starting to happen to me lol,,I just said F it. now I keep it braided for the most part and put it up on weekends
I think one of the keys to having a reasonably stable mohawk that's 20 inches long is to just blowdry an area for MUCH longer, because if there is even a hint of wetness in the spikes, they will not dry the way you want em to at 20 inches. I will have to just try that for now and see if it can work for a few more inches... eventually some support will be needed, and that "eventually" will be very soon I'm sure.

I used to use the Got2b Glued hair glue, my first hawk would fall down after about a day because the glue isnt strong enough to support its own weight, so the taller your hawk the less effective the glue will be. Try using the freeze spray without the help of any other product.

If that doesnt work have a barber trim the dead ends off. When I went 5 or 6 months without a trim my hawk would look more thin/gapy and wouldn't stay up for more than a few days.

Yeah I was actually using JUST the spray, and that was the method I was using until recently, so that's why I decided to try using the glue along with the spray, and it actually works fine as long as you make sure its totally dry before letting go. The glue may be heavy, but it definitely holds decently if you make damn sure its totally dry. It's just that even at 20 inches, its a little difficult, especially for the spike sticking directly out from behind your head if you're doing liberty spikes, and assuming you have 5 spikes, because it has to directly fight gravity to stand straight out. It's like a fishing pole and how it bends down when a fish grabs ahold of the lure. In this case, the fish is gravity, and the pole is your 20 inch spike.
This is a picture I just took to show you kinda what I'm talking about with that 4th spike on the center of the back of my head, not the one right before my neck... this is if the spike right above my forehead is spike #1.
Wow I'm at 9Inches and having the same problem.. guess I should grow a pair.
Nah man its all good. It's just in the method of HOW your putting it up. How are you doing your spikes? I'd love to help out because I KNOW at 9 inches, you shouldn't be having that problem =) Wait... are you having trouble with spikes or a fan?
I don't normally do spikes but when I do I use the povian method but instead of Got2Be glue afterward I would highly reccomend PVA glue, it's fucking invincible and so long as you get washable glue it comes out alright. That's my advice on spikes, but yeah I just can't be arsed to fan it so much anymore, and I just couldn't cut it down I just worked too hard to get it this long haha I'll keep it a little while then lose it altogether I reckon. Super fucking kudos for getting to 20 though bro!

Dude, have you ever had a fan?? I was just reading this, as I'm at like 11/12 inches now with my 'hawk, and I use got2bglued spray and then blowdry it (high heat, low blow) until it's dry, which was a perfect method, but now my amazing hairdryer packed up so I went out bought LOADS but they are all stronger tahn my old one, which is discontinued haha! And my hair is super thin so I think I'm screwed, as now when I do my hawk with another hairdryer, it's all like.. spiky? than fanned, so if you have any method which is good for you to do fanned, I'd really appreciative of your knowledge! Thanks :D MM xoxo

Have you tried teasing it on the inside of the spike? If you tease in the middle it shouldn't look messy and it should hold up really well. I always teased my hawk, it made it stand up better and made it look amazing with I straightened it.


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