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Hey guys,


I haven't been on here much over the last 4-6 months, because I've been busy studying for an awesome job, but I've run into a problem: my mohawk is roughly 20 inches tall now, and I'm having a very hard time getting it to stand up now. I can get it to stand up, but it takes 1-2 hours of work, and it doesn't stand up solidly; the spikes are very wobbly and tend to try to fall down MUCH sooner than when they were just an inch or 2 shorter. Basically from between inches 1 and 17 or 18, they would stand up NO PROB, but immediately after the 18 inch mark, the quality and longevity of the spikes has dropped exponentially within about 2 weeks, so I am kind of confused as to what the deal is. I am pondering some sort of external support at this point... some physical objects I can place within the spikes or on the outsides (that don't look hideous lol) to get them to stand like they used to. My hair is bleached blonde with some residual greenish-blue tones from a blue dye job quite some time ago.


Products I've been using are got2b freeze spray, and got2b glued. I know everyone has their preference as to which products they consider the "best" products, but these 2 products DO work because they have worked extremely well up until this point... now they are just not cutting it alone.


Any ideas for any sort of reinforcement? Any external objects to hold the spikes up or some other third product?


Thank ya kindly! ^_^

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I've never tried teasing my mohawk. I've never tried teasing my hair period. I would but I feel like there's no way I'd be able to try teasing it for the first time on a 20 inch mohawk. I use hair spray too so I don't know how you'd tease hair sprayed hair, unless you mean teasing it before spraying it. I also don't know how I'd tease JUST the center of the spike and none of the outsides of the spikes. The only experience I've had with teasing hair is I watched someone tease someone else's hair ONCE in my life lol.
I feel like if this were to be done, I'd need someone to physically come over to my house and basically show me how to do it on my hair :\ I know I'm a nub =)
Mines pretty long too man. idk if i should cut it a little. My bf had the same problem...he uses the same products too. But he just cut it. I guess it also depends how ur hair is, my hair is heavy so ima have to cut it. But if u find sumthing that works let me know hahaha
bro im havin tha same exact prob, mines about 17 inches and it gets wobly after bout 3 hrs, then starts sagging a little after all day at school or so... it takes 2 hrs now to do it wen i used to do it in 30 mins... I have thin naturally straight hair, ive tried teasing it but it doesnt help, idk if im doin it ryt tho... tha base is tha hardest part for me to get to stay put all day... let me know if u find out a way bro id love to know!!

I am having a problem too, my mohawk is about a foot long, probably longer I haven't measured it. And my arms are too short to fan the back of my fan all the way. I don't know I guess I should ask someone to help me or just hang upside down and do it that way. Never tried that but it might work. I would say try not to use too much hair spray on the base cause that might just make the base heavy and make it sag or it could have the complete opposite effect. There's nothing like experimenting ya know?

Tease it! That is legitimately the best way to do it. Wash your hair, blow dry it upside down, get to teasing (backbrushing with a fine toothed comb) and then use your Got2B Glued lightly. Next, blow dry, hair spray like MAD and then blow dry again, typically upside down with a hand to help steady your sides so you don't get all wonky. Your problem is the base. You have to have a strong base (hence the backbrushing/teasing) so that the rest of your hawk will stay up. Good luck! 


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