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I was just wondering if when you lost your virginity was it all you expected ? was it with the right person ? I'll start , I was 21 she was 22 , it was all over before I knew what I was doing , it was on my honey moon , I'll never forget it but I think she would like to lol

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if you don't know if your ready then chances are you are not , there is no harm in waiting and no one will think less of you for it , it will happen in it's own good time and if you are real fortunate it will be with the right person , even if it is not the right person I can promiss you that you will never ever forget it , it would be nice to remember something like that for the right reasons :)
thanks u guys help ill remember that saturday iill be off to a huge party
I was 20. It wasn't all that great. Not because he didn't know what he was doing or anything, but it just really hurt and I couldn't enjoy it. But at least I didn't lose it to some jerk in high school. lol I was actually dumped once when I was 18 because I wasn't "friendly" enough. But whatever. I dated the guy I gave my virginity to for 3 yrs, so it's cool.
if you trusted him and you thought it was time then he was the right person :)
if you trusted him then that's a damn good start in my book :)
i was 17, she was twenty-something, it was a one-time thing. i was just wondering how it would be with a girl. after that i had this crush on a guy for about four years, and when i finally dared to tell him i got blown off for something i'm not gonna bloat in here. now i think emotions and genetic drifts are irrational, so i ignore them.
just makes me sad to think in this day and age people are still that judgemental , at least you did not take it to heart and moved on , good on you.
We were both 17, first time for both of us, and it was really nice.
Pretty ho-hum first time, I guess. We thought we weren't tired afterwards so we went for breakfast and almost fell asleep eating lunch.
i was 17, never told her it was my first time, she never knew, it was alright, found it kinda dull tho, i dunnoi'm kinda weird i guess, it was just very unsatisfying, longstory short, was far from teh right person
I was 17, he was 21. we were together for a couple months but he was in the navy in SD and i was in LA. I guess he was the right person at the time, though i wasnt aware of his bad drinkin problem (got too angry at me when he'd drink, never physical though). I was completely inexperienced and he has been around the block and back. It was alright, he came up to visit me and we did the dead in a hotel room in disneyland haha. he was my first boyfriend/kiss/everything. no complaints, the relationship ended horribly though.

sounds a little too familiar lol <3, girl.


well i was 14 and it was the wrong person. i only knew him for a week , and it hurt and i cried.. it was awful...i wish i wouldve saved it for someone special....


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