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I was just wondering if when you lost your virginity was it all you expected ? was it with the right person ? I'll start , I was 21 she was 22 , it was all over before I knew what I was doing , it was on my honey moon , I'll never forget it but I think she would like to lol

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I lost mine to the wrong person.
quite simply, we were both high. both drunk. both horny. and we got down to business. Huge mistake. I wanted him to stop, and he didn't. and yeah. He was my best friend. It was 10 kinds of fucked.
And the one guy I actually loved, and he loved me, yeah. we never even had sex.And we dated for nine months. It's a complete shame.
probably the right person,
i was 15 so was she, sweetest girl i'd ever met, was a childhood sweetheart who disappeared to boarding school and when she returned years later she was mine :) stayed together for year and a half but towards the end i was a proper dick to her, like really out of order, we've cleared it up now and all is good, we talked about this subject the other day and said us losing it together couldnt of been better :)
This topic has surprised me alot three counts; Age wise? im not sure if its different in usa to here but it's really uncommon to "wait"here and the "right" age seems to be a hell of alot younger, tbh im pleased so many people are waiting longer i really do think its something meaningful, i just met her younger ;)
secondly those saying they were bored? i dont think at a single point i stopped to think i was bored... one of the most exciting experiences ever and is still a fun "hobby" :)
thirdly... so many bad experiences? i think its such a shame as sex can really add so much to a relationship
sorry for long reply...
Fuck no! When i lost it, the guy was an ass hole about it, he didnt care about what i was feeling, just about getting off. And after he was done, he just left the room to eat. He was definitely not the right guy.
Haha, way back in the day. He wouldn't pull out and I yelled "Stop before you cum and I get pregnant!!"

Way to go catholic school freshmen...
I was 14 and he was 17. I'm gay for a start but I think I was severly in denial back then. I didn't want to do it but he made me feel so guilty I did, I thought "oh well a 17 year old boy who's had sex before must feel a bit deprived being with a 14 year old virgin", soooooo we had sex, it was shit, and I broke up with him 3 days later and never saw him again.
Realistically, if he wanted it that badly he shouldn't have pressurized an underage girl, he should have got an older girlfriend. But hey ho!
That's kind of how I felt with my first time. I was around 16 though and he was 18. I was dating him on and off and we went to his place to hang out and he convinced me to sleep with him. It was TERRIBLE, I regret it so much. Ever since then I have been pretty much asexual.
i was 14
i was 18, he was 19. we were both in college. It was the right time and person,  the relationship just didn't work....but if it weren't for that breakup i would have never met my husband <3 the only thing is that we had marylin manson playing and stopped for tacobell afterward so now manson and tacos make me think of sex....LOL
I was 18, we'd been together on and off for 3 years before I said I was ready. We were eachother's first real love and even though he ended up screwing me over big time (no pun intended), there's no one else I would have rather shared it with. We were crazy in love, and that's how it should be for your first time.
I was 15 and so was he. Can't really tell if he was the right one, but I guess he wasn't the wrong one even though I'm really disgusted by him now. It may be a bit superficial, but he's just not attractive or charming in anyway. Yet, I don't know what I saw in him, but I sure did lose 15 months of my life, being with him. Now it's almost a year since I broke up, and I'm happy I did. Had two one-night-stands since, and I regret them as well. But now I'm with the most handsome and sweetest guy ever - we had an awesome night after an Exploited concert. Yet, it was nearly perfect, and now I'm soooooooo in love with him.
Lol to those who still have theirs save it dont be i a rush to lose it.I was 17 she was 22 like Spook said it was over before i knew it but it does get better when your with e right person its like most things in life takes practice and time ..........

it's one of those things that you can work at with the right partner and have a ball , all it takes is open communication , don't be afraid to say can we try this or I have always liked the way that feels , try everything twice :)


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