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I was just wondering if when you lost your virginity was it all you expected ? was it with the right person ? I'll start , I was 21 she was 22 , it was all over before I knew what I was doing , it was on my honey moon , I'll never forget it but I think she would like to lol

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Still have it. 


... meh. 

no need for meh , that's awesome , it will happen :) you have probably spent so much time thinking about it when it does happen chances are it will be for the right reason and the right person at that time , still having it is a good thing remember that :)

I was 18 and lost it in an unexpected orgy...altho this sounds great i wish it had of been different with someone i actually cared about.


16, with a 23 year old, on new years'.

totally not the right person, but the concept of "the first time" being the most important is ridiculous, so i choose not to regret it (:

it's not the most important but it is the one you will always remember for good or bad , the first time concept is right up there with the old rites of passage crap , your first kiss , drink , drug , theft , fight , sex , kid , it's all just crap :)

I don't expect anyone here to believe me, but it's not a's pointless lying over the internet. I was 13 she was 17 and she was my dad's girlfriend's sister....we also happened to be in the tent with my dad and her sister and her sister's 6 year old son.....he claims that we woke him up and hurt him....oops!
Yeah, about the tent thing, we were camping so it was in no way expected...
lmao badass!
im 16 she was 15, def not the right person, was expected, but she hasnt talked to me since haha, id have much rather it been with a girl i had feelings for, makes all the difference for shit like that, haha but thats ok cuz it just makes me want another cigarette
Yeah that all makes sense lol

fuck him.

 you deserve better

I was fifteen and she was sixteen, we had been a couple for some time, she had already lost her virginity, and then one night we had sex, was not quite what I expected of sex haha but got better and better of course


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