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Do you guys get stopped all the time with people asking to take a picture of you? or is my town just weird? I get stopped ALL THE FREAKING time with people asking for photos of or with me. I jut smile and say sure, at this rate though I should start charging. It's fun and flattering, but sometimes annoying as hell. Anyone else ave this happening?

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Yeah its fucking weird. I wish people would piss off. 

Had some idiot ask me in a bar to take my photo but he was just using it as an ice breaker cause then he kept trying to talk to me when I was clearly with my boyfriend and wanted him to leave me alone. 

one of my guy friends had a trihawk and we could never hang out together without complete strangers walking up to him and asking to take his picture. They'd stop us while we were walking, they'd interrupt our conversations, disturb us while we were eating etc. even after we'd say no, they were still very persistent and shortly after we had to start being rude. 

people not taking no for an answer and treating other people as if they only solely exist to amuse them is irritating. I'm here for myself, not for anyone else. I wear my hair this way for me, not for you. People need to get that in their head. 

Guys, by choosing to have a hawk you're drawing attention to yourself. The hairstyle is not that common and it's probably bright as fuck. Of course you're going to get attention. Just be nice to people who are being nice and anyone who isn't can get lost.

I never had a problem with curious people, what always pissed me off was when people would touch/grab without asking permission first. Girls seemed to think this was OK, although I imagine I'd be locked up if it was the other way around.

Also people with dreads/afro tend to get the same.
I never minded the attention because when I worked in a salon that's how my customers knew me and I attracted other people who wanted mohawks :)


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