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Am I the only one thats a little weirded out by band shirts being sold in stores like h&m and shit?

And the fact that boy london is really in now? The nazi thing was probably really cool when sid did it, but I wonder if they realize they`re going around with a german nazi symbol on their chest/legs/whatever (like rhianna or how the fuck its spelled, and all the grunge fashionistas on fucking tumblr).

I mean I don`t go around and preach to anyone wearing a joy division t shirt, for all I know they really like them(even though they`ve probably just heard love will tear us apart) but dude, really?

(I`ll personally fly to wherever you live and give you a hug if you can name the band that made the song i used in the title)

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Yes. Yes I am weirded out by this too. Especially hipsters in Ramones or Misfits shirts, those are the worst.

argh I wonder what asshole sold them the rights to use those logos.

Bristles I think? It's funny to see people can't even identify subcultures from each other because of that. :c

YES <3 its bristles. I owe you one.

Haha true, I think that might also be a cultural thing. All the older generations in my family think I worship satan.

I`ve been trying to explain I don`t believe in religion at all, but it never really gets to them.

music is for all to listen to. no matter what kind of group or style you dress like. but when hipsters do it....grrrrrr. lol 

Of course it is! But I can`t help but start to wonder when brands start selling suicidal tendencies leotards(i srsly saw one).

You both seem like you would really appreciate this. It will seem off topic at first, but keep reading it. I guarantee it will sum up your feeling. Anyways, next time you just see a hipster in a Ramones or Misfits t-shirt, just slap them in the face, and tell them if they can't name the lead singer they have to give you their shirt. They'll usually be non-confrontational, and just hand you the shirt. Oh, and the article I promised

Nah I don`t think anyone expects you to know the whole lineup of a band, but somehow a model in a suicidal tendencies bodysuit seems a little

its labeled #fashion #weheartit and #grunge


bristles :D but yeah, it's so annoying. these motherfucking hipster cunts thinking they're cool. 

and  owe you one too!

yeah lol they`re about 30 years late..

we all know its bullshit, we all know theres people who follow trends and wear things because they think its cool, so what are you going to do about it?

im gonna rant about it on mohawksrawk and then put up pictures of my super kewl hairdo because thats what reel punx do.


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