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Tell us what you got?  Or treat yourself to?   Clothes, toys, cash?  What sort and types, etc!


Merry Xmas all! =]

  (I got lots of choccies and some cash. haha  Oh, and Xmas lights - my family know me well! =D)

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I got a gadget shoulder holster and a carton of Kool's, WOO!

heheh  Cool!

Never seen one of those before.

You should post a pic of you wearing it, I have never seem anything like this before.
Yeah, same with the other gifts - own pics showing what you really got is much better.
This is awesome!
After 3 years of not talking to my uncle(who in my eyes is rich) he visited and brought me some Doc Marten 1919 10 eye steel toe boots haha thanks tio

I 've been awed by those worn by a friend over the last 6 months.  Never thought to find out the model number.  heh   Good to know, some of the best looking docs I've seen, when broken in nicely and great for stomping stuff!  haha


Just shows you can never tell with someone, 'cause he really splashed out on those for ya!  Nice when someone surprises you like that. =)  Enjoy them, man!

Haha yea im breaking them in so i squeak when i walk hahah but there amazing
lol I kinda like the squeaks with a a new pair of boots - though breaking in docs can be hard on the feet I've found.  Gotta wear good socks. haha
a month free rent and utilities
Pretty handy at this time of year!
very!! its pretty cold out!


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