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Tell us what you got?  Or treat yourself to?   Clothes, toys, cash?  What sort and types, etc!


Merry Xmas all! =]

  (I got lots of choccies and some cash. haha  Oh, and Xmas lights - my family know me well! =D)

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i got music music and more music =)
Music makes the world go round though and you'll have many happy hours listening to it - hopefully you got what you liked that is?

a keyboard and mic stand and some misfits stuff and cds


More music and a keyboard and mic?  Nice!  I used to enjoy tinkering around with keyboards with a friend trying to copy tunes playing in the background from his games console.  Fun times.
I got a teddy bear and necklace from my boyfriend and then 10 bucks from my family.
Awe, sweet. =]
I got these killer boots, my own copy of scott pilgrim vs the world, new jeans and a kinda dress shirt from my older bro, food stuffs, i got cash from my bro in law and won 15 from lack of a better word gambling with the family.
Pretty sweet, cool colour rub too.
Scott Pilgrim <3
i got a great guitar and some monies from the folks :)
That'll while away the winter hours. =]

I got 50 from my gramma, a 15 piece variety pack of Ferrero's and 60 (but they say there's more to come, hm...) from my 'rents. Oh, and a fuzzy purple bathrobe!


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