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Tell us what you got?  Or treat yourself to?   Clothes, toys, cash?  What sort and types, etc!


Merry Xmas all! =]

  (I got lots of choccies and some cash. haha  Oh, and Xmas lights - my family know me well! =D)

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There are regulations and crap here too. I don't have a license or anything, I'm a beginner decorater so I charge dirt cheap because it's practice while I build my portfolio. And it's so far it's all been for friends/friends of friends.. I'm not trying to start a buisness or anything just persuing my love of the art ^.^ it's a very expensive hobby.

Yeah, it'll be fiddly and fun work though to practice.  You should post an album showing some of your portfolio.


I prefer hobbies, once they turn into work it's hard to enjoy them as much.  Though, with enough variety it's a lot easier to still enjoy the end results - esp. with cakes! :D

I can't make one here cause I only have Internet on my phone but I have a fb page for m cakes if you want to see them :)

Oh, they're nice!  Love the skeleton heads with brainz, lol and the one with the jelly blood.  Plus fondant flowers are pretty cool.


Almost a shame to eat all that work!

Its nice to have people eat it :) I never feel bad cutting into cake it took days to make
I snooped .....and your really good :D
Thanks doll :3 I love doing it so much!

These beauties.

That's a cool colour combo.  Never known anyone with a pair, they really stand out.
a few records i wanted, some books, NES(from my sisters boyfriend), alcohol, a shit ton of chocolate and socks/long johns(fuck yea!), and some shirts form my sister.

Good old NES gaming.  Though it was one of those systems I've never actually seen the actual hardware in real life.  Any games with it too?


heh Those long johns will come in handy for keeping winter at bay.


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