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Tell & show us pics of what you got? Or treat yourself to? Clothes, toys, cash? What sort and types, etc!


Merry Xmas all! =]


(Unlike Australians who are waking up to Xmas morning atm =)  I have to wait until tomorrow for my presents - will update this with what I got then - though I'm expecting lots of junk food! haha  But in the meantime, for you who have Xmas early, go on comment and have fun showing what you got!)


(After a couple weeks I'll make a thread comparing what was popular last year with this year.)

Update 1: I got as thought, lots of chocolates & some Pringles; a big huge bag of peanuts, raisins & chocolate buttons; some cash and from my sister, a colour hair sealer - which hopefully will prove useful to make the yellow dye I got a while back stay in next time! haha

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Its still Christmas eve for me so no presents for myself yet but I bought myself a lot this year thanks to an extremely busy work season. I got some black milk (leg bones) leggings, a tablet, ram, 16gb mini sd for my tablet, and shoes to go with my leggings.

I did however get my boyfriend a tablet as well and he knows about it so he has been begging me to give it to him early all month. So instead I made him wait and today I wrapped it, then wrapped it in about 10 plastic shopping bags, then duct tape, then wrapped it in 3 boxes and wrapped each box in wrapping paper :) He thinks I got him something big now and hes begging to open THAT haha. He is going to hate me in the morning :) I also got him a Darth Vader stocking and stuffed it with all sorts of candy and Star Wars goodies.. ram and a sd card for him as well, an argyle sweater and matching socks, and 2 pound reeses cups (his favorite). Am I a good girl friend or what? :P

Damn you sound like pretty much the most fantastical girlfriend ever!

I agree....other than the mean thing with the 10 plastic bags and duct

Hehehe he was not as amused as I was :P I was giggling like mad and he just kept yelling "YOU SON OF A BITCH" after each plastic bag haha. Fantastic!

lol Such Xmas spirit!  Fightin' spirit more like it lol

I got various new chocolate molds, the new Gary Hoey cd (autographed to me thanks to my daddy), a skittles candle (that I am having a hard time not eating), the movie Ted (which I bought for my brother but his gf got him the same thing so I got to keep it lol), a suitcase filled with powdered sugar (I'm a baker and my brother gets these things free from his work lol), cupcake floss, cupcake pj pants, and some other odds and ends. But my best present was just spending the day with my boyfriend. I am really thankful to have him in my life still.

Ooo Skittles candle?!  How does that work - are you left with the candies?!  I really can't see how that could be edible...

Ah, I'm glad you had time with your bf on the special day ^_^

Its just skittles scented, melon berry skittles. It smells like sweet delicious goodness but its not actually edible. It just smells so damn good I WANT to eat it haha.

Mmmm /Homer

So with skittles candles, can you see the rainbow and taste the rainbow with those too?

I'll light you know when I finally give in and light it :P This may take years.. it smells too damn good.

lol @ bf pestering to get his tablet early!  rofl @ 'special' wrapping - that's caring! =]  Oh, you are evil - but I like it! ;)


Argyle sweater & socks?!  Urgh!  Now I KNOW you're evil incarnate! XD  Though I'm sure he'll enjoy all that you got him!  It's a fair load! :)


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