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Who got a mohawk/dye for Xmas day? And what other gifts did you receive? =)

Merry Xmas All!

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Bought myself a new leather jacket with my gift money; got some kickass shades, and some new earrings.. That's all I can remember right now, but overall it was a pretty nice haul.
The best present whitch I got from my friends is a doll. It'sindian or something, and my friends made a mohawk from it's hair, and colored them green! :) I called it Giant Mohawk Man in honour of this site and and also cause it has a big dick (giant) mohawk (i suppose you know why :D) and it's a man :D No offence though. :)

Other that that I got a guitar from my family, and I'm arguing about the laptop whitch I was supposed to get for my birthday and christmas.
Hair dye
Shirts, sweaters
Stuff that smells really good
An extreme headache
"Permission" to curse out mah "far-ja"

I hate when people give me money, it feels like i'm getting nothing >_/body>
i got a scarface lamp
I got a new jewellery box (at last I can keep all my bcrs safe!) a cool sombraro shaped chip and dip set, money, a cat freecey blanket and some other little bits and bobs. I bought my bf guitar hero 3 and he bought me lips which we took to my mum n dads on xmas day and all had a knees up :D
oi kabalos, i did get a huge botle of hairspry and red haircolor, mony and my working boots u have seen then i don't relly remember more :P:P


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