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From hair, clothes and shoes - what did you wear and look like today?

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On Sunday I was at a friend's wedding. I had my mohawk colored in red standing up, black dress shirt, slim red tie, black jacket, tight black jeans and my underground ranger boots with red laces and the jeans tucked in. Was definitely an eyecatcher, and people loved the outfit! So on Monday, I started wearing my steel capped boots with red laces and jeans tucked into the boots to the office as well (previously I had the pants over the boots). First comment "Wow", second comment "awesome looks", "fits your style". I think I will do this now every day.
heheh Sounds like good work wear! :D
what are you wearing at work?
Fortunately - no work.  heheh  And just up now, in black with white-striped shoulders T-shirt; black/grey jeans and white socks (inside!). :D  Waiting for my new chair today!  Will shove on my old black Macadam work boots when they deliver.
my hair is curently shaved,i wore fishnet stockings under darkgreyshorts, a sphagehti strap tank top and converse and i also wore a black and brown book bag
-hair pinned back with bandana
-inside out black tank
-baggy red flannel
-worn out blue skinnys
-hella old worn out chucks
-bright pink socks (x
-dirty ass green backpack 
Couple of chuck wearers above, I see.  Great for the summer!

Um does school uniform count? Of course not- boring! I'll list what i'll wear tomorrow .... Leather Jacket, D.I.Y shirt of The Adicts, black pants with band patches sewn on, and black boots.


same thing i wore yesterday,

Black spaghetti strap tank top

pink leopard pants

and barefoot atm

I looked like a power ranger today

It's morphin' time! =))


heh @ socks and underwear. XD  Though better to have on than off!  Esp. in Autumn.


"converse baskedball sneaker-things" <-- sneaker-things?!  I thought they're either normal sneakers or not, now you have me curious to see them. :(

Sounds like you had a good day though! :D  Always good!


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