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From hair, clothes and shoes - what did you wear and look like today?

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I wore my hair in a fluffy hawk for the first time, blue black and white checkered shirt and jeans with my blue striped lip ring and black converse
Did it work out well?  I used to find it hard to retain the fluffy look for long.  Sounds like you were nicely colour coordinated with blue, black and white.

Grey washed jeans, my grey boots, and my GBH shirt.

For derby practice I wore my red Super Sized Summer Ska Spectacular(the second) shirt, black shorts, and (now) slightly ripped red tights/leggings. Oh and my Ridel Vixens <3 and pads/helmet/mouthguard.

I'm actually on the "pink" team, but I get away with red since I don't own anything pink really.
Sounds very smart looking - even if not pink, red & black is always very striking IMHO.
today in a black beater  which i also wore yesterday, jeans with low ass pocket an bum patch an boots  
Black one, that's new.  Still warm weather I'm guessing over there unlike here then. =]
I wore this + my hoodie, my vest and my Bordeaux steel toed boots : D
Cool to see a self-photo to show the actual clothes for the first time on the thread! :D  I didn't get round to this thread back then, sorry.  Thanks for posting though!  The black shirt and red braces are a great combo on.
Black Moral Dilemma t shirt, black hoodie, black jeans, black vest with patches and studs, and black doc martens - just right for a sunny day!

All looking good and smart from your pics.

heh Sounds like me on a sunny day - not that we're getting too many of them this summer.

On Sunday I was at a friend's wedding. I had my mohawk colored in red standing up, black dress shirt, slim red tie, black jacket, tight black jeans and my underground ranger boots with red laces and the jeans tucked in. Was definitely an eyecatcher, and people loved the outfit! So on Monday, I started wearing my steel capped boots with red laces and jeans tucked into the boots to the office as well (previously I had the pants over the boots). First comment "Wow", second comment "awesome looks", "fits your style". I think I will do this now every day.


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