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What do you do when people around you are negative towards your mohawk and/or style??

First off, Im new so hi everyone! Awesome site and Ive been browseing around for a little while "lurking" and I don't think Ive seen much on this topic.
So how you you keep your "fuck you" attude when everyone or a lot of people around you try to bring you down. I do everything for me, like my mohawk, but sometimes someone wants me to cut it and I get to thinking "what if" ya know? But usually only like family, not ramdom people.
Are people ever negative towards you/your hair/style? Do you ever think "what if"? What do you do? What do you say?

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I dont mean that it effects how people act when they meet you. I was more-so refering to how you deal with people close to you who dont like you hair/body mods.
Nice hair by the way! Brightest pink I've seen in a long time!
Haha my das all christ core and a cop lol he hated my hair always told me to cut it i just ignore him lol lol i do that with everyone but i am friendly like meludram and i dont let things get to me and when i get stupid comments when i go out like "eww" or "mohican!" or like weird looks or when people laugh at me i smile in like a sarcastic way and wave and depending on who they are i'll sometimes shoot the bird haha
It dosent get me down 99% of the time. Just every once in a blue moon some asshole, mostly my own family, get to me.
Like my dad. He wants me to have long hair like him so after a while of him harassing me about it ALL THE TIME and not getting the hint, i get bummed for a little while.
Yeah I know. My faveorite thing about mohawks is that they weed out all the jerkoffs. Im gonna remember the one about it doing tricks. Haha.
I spent a summer in Germany as part of an exchange program for school. I noticed a huge difference in how the people treated each other compared to the united states. Here "normal" is mostly poser bitch girls and ass guys that follow stupid trends and treat everyone else like shit.
Everyone there was so nice.
I was in cologne! I love the cathedral.
I traveled around and stayed mostly in the big cities, like berlin, dusseldorf, essen, frankfurt, munich. I was there for 14 weeks to learn about the history and architecture. I toured some of the castles like Neuschwanstein, and Charlottenburg Palace during the festival of lights.
Some people were a little rude because I wasn't totally fluent. I learned how to say "fuck off, im still learning" for them. haha
But most people were nicer than people here. Everyone here are assholes. Especially if youre not from that certain area. It's rare to find anyone who isn't.
I just dont care about what other ppl think about who i am or what i do, cause i know im not goin down hill with my life, So i just do what i do and if someone has a problem with it they can either say something or piss off and go on living there own lifes.
I just walk away, I don't say anything to them, and they don't say anything (usually) more to me. Most of the time its just ignorant assholes who dont understand the reason for the mohawk.
I say fuck you at least I Not too pussy to be who I am. I don't want to look like everyone else. I'm not a clone. :)
Ive never thought "what if" and if I did it was to get a bihawk or something, if my family or friends dont like the way I am they can go fuck themselves..
I do what I what and I dress how I want, I dont care what others think or say


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