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I just was wondering what people do when some one pulls your hair when your not looking.

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if its a friend of mine. i smile and laugh.
they dont usually pull like fan past it.
if they do it too low to the roots i get mad-ish.

random people one just does it.
this happens to me in the school hallways, i usually just turn around say "come on man" unless it somebody who is really trying to be rude then i just stare at them. haha. Meh, i dont really care about it, its hair.
this happend to me at a hank lll sshow and i didnt see who did it but my husband was behind and he did and he beat that guys ass and told him to have some respect to women cuz he pulled it hard...
I try to keep this rule as well. If a stranger asks what it feels like I'll let them touch it, but randomers being wankers and pulling my hair? Not on.
Friends have learnt not to because it really pisses me off when I've spent time doing my hair and someone just comes up and ruins it for no good reason.
Exactly what i do. sum bitch at a concert kept crinkling it but it was too crazy to get pissed.
People at my school were afraid of me.. Those brave enough to touch my hair without my permission got a simple glare which was enough to ensure the never did it again.
People are idiots and think that i cant feel it when they touch my hair. If its a friend its alright, if its a stranger i usually just turn around and stare at them. Its funny because they get all awkward because they thought you didnt notice.
I hate it when people think that you didn't notice. Its like, fuck man its ATTACHED to my head.
I know!
Its even worse when they try it again, just to test you. Or don't understand why I can feel it.
Fuckin exactly!
If its a guys I'll usually punch the I let slide....I've been known to grab a girls boob....just to make the point, if you lay your hands on me, then I can do the same to you!


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