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I just was wondering what people do when some one pulls your hair when your not looking.

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If it's a friend or a little kid I usually let it slide.
But if it's some random stranger I tend to yell/tell them off & get pissed off at them.
If it's someone I know who I don't like, it's either the same as above or sometimes they get a slap. >_>
last summer i was just standing at a food stand getting a drink and this guy was riding by on his bike and grabbed it so hard some hair came out and a litle spot was bleeding so since i couldnt get him i yelled "FUCK YOU!!" as loud as i could
That's fucking assault, you showed remarkable restraint. I'd have chased him down.
same here, I woulda ripped a chunk out of that douchebags hair... not necessarily the hair on his head either
Not on his head? I'm not sure I would want to touch some random guys hair...
When people I dont know try to touch my hair I yell at them and move away from them. When people I know pull my hair, I smack them and yell at them if it's someone I don't like, if they're a friend then I usually just give them a death glare or pretend that it really hurt and pretend to cry untill they feel bad and i'm trying not to laugh. haha

People really need to learn about keeping their fucking hands to themselves.

if someone touches it, ill tell them to not touch my fucking hair.

kids ask, i let them touch it but not flatten it out

if someone grabbed it... HA! im not going to let that slide one bit. im not much a fighting personbut ill go grab their hair and see how they like it 

Mohawk gouge there eyes out

i laugh when they do it. usually my hair is a neat conversation starter with people. but i've had people of all ages come up and touch my hair behind me many times. if i'm pms-ing that day i might be a jerk, but truly if they mean no harm from it then it's fine with me. but i tell them they could easily jsut come up and ask, i don't see myself as a very unapproachable person.



i go duke nukem on their ass! i rip off their head and shit down their neck! muah hah ha!

I have rocked mine for 4 years and kinda got my senses up...I can usually feel when peoples hands start to go for my hair and that's when I weave and doge then look back point and laugh...and say some smart coment. 


I get a kick when lil kids stare and point its funny and I like it if it makes them happy that's all good with me. Then you have those drunk chicks that you see at a bar...they are the ones to lookout for they will pull it bounce their hands on the tips or check to see the stiffness of the hair ( witch is annoying but hey I'm a chill guy)

I've actually been very lucky - no one has ever pulled my 'hawk.  Felt it, yeah, but not pulled or messed it.


I don't have any issue with folk liking touching my hair - had a bunch of girls in a pub once line up to test it.  The last gave a swirling rub to the sides too.  Kinda fun. haha :D


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