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I just was wondering what people do when some one pulls your hair when your not looking.

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never had this problem, the only people who have ever tried to touch have been people i know, and even then they usually just touch the shaved part. i also live in a smaller town though, and i am the only girl i have seen here with a mohawk, and i have only seen a few guys with them here. i think a lot of people look at it and think i am bitchy or mean, which is usually untrue. i am a very nice person, and it takes a lot to get me worked up enough to want to say something mean back to someone.
It depends who's doing it, is it someone I don't really know I'm laughing a little and goes on with "watch my hair ... please don't do that ..." :P if it is a friend I'm warning them "if you don't stop I'll punch for real!" but my friends don't do that if it's not okay, like before bedtime, what's the deal then, the mohawk will get destoyed anyway ! ^^ But my mohawk is almost indestructible, I was on a ferry yesterday to norway and went out to take a smoke and the winds were really strong but it stood straight up :D
hehe tell them that you put sperm in your hair, then they won't tuch it anymore :)

Asked someone not to, got shoved, told 'em to fuck off, the dickhead threw a right cross...

L. forearm deflection,

R. threading hand, grabbed the elbow and pulled in,

L. arm drops down, bladefist, broke the nose,

R. punch to the gut, shoved him away.  

Fool comes back!

L. jab,

R. cross,

L. hook,

L. hammerfist to the L. temple, rotates the head,

R. cross to the L. ear.

Straight kick to the L. ribs off the right foot for the takedown.  My left knee's useless for fighting, or for anything really.  

I don't have a problem with people i don't know they tend to ask permission or if i see them staring i ask "Do you want to touch it or what ?? ".

I do have a problem with my friends touching it. I tend to just punch them but one of my friends thinks i can't feel it when he touches it behind my back. So finally last time he did it i said " so i can see you touching it i can feel you touching it and you say its not happening huh ??" so then i started punching him over and over again and said " you can see me hitting you you can feel it but its not happening cause i said its not" it went on for a while and after alittle pleading from him i finally stopped and he doesn't do it any more :D

No really, sex is the only time anyone ever pulls my hair. Everyone else pets/scratches my head like I'm a cat. Wasn't aware that it was some kind of thing for people to come up and pull hair like that.

When people pull on my hawk...I pull on their hair :D

smack em, get into fight, pumle to floor, curb face, spit on them, light spliff, roll away

another days work done :)


Well only on days you get to go out....lets say like tomorrow :D


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