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what do you guys use to make designs (like leopard spots?)

i'm wanting to do leopard spots on the side of my hawk... i've heard celery works well for this design. :) but what do you guys use?

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... celery :P make sure its a small celery or it'll look like pepperoni! Friend wanted a leopard print tattooed on her vaginal area, so to see how it would look we used celery with paint

lol leopard on the vag huh... hmmm. yeah


thats pretty much what I said
I also recommend celery
My friend painted mine on with hairdye and a paintbrush in highschool
Paintbrush is the way to go.  It allows for varied shapes and detail
I use a small stiff paint brush to do designs, or a baby tooth brush... celery works but I like more organic leopard print when I do it in my hair.


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