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 How in the world did you end up the way you are? Is it in your blood? Sick of being like everyone else?

  I was always into punk. My first C.D I ever got, at the age of four, was Punk Rock Is Your Friend. I was immediately entranced. Then slowly became the strange, unique person I am. My friend showed me a bunch of bands that he liked and then I started listening to more punk. Went to my first concert in November of seventh grade and saw mohawks and liberty spikes. I wanted one so bad, I got one over the summer. 

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before i ever got into punk i was a severe metalhead, and i always heard of punk music/style/etc. but never actually understood it, but my friend alex was a metalhead too, so when he moved back up to his home in vermont, his friend he knew ever since they were 3 was into punk and showed my bro alex and he moved back down here and showed me, and we have been into punk ever since, and spreading it around here like wildfire
Kinda grew up with it but i was a real metal head mainly my aunt is a punk so i always had her influence but my dad loves metal and punk and he mainly listens to metal though and my mom loves metal so it was metal metal metal all threw my childhood and i kinda explored punk on my own after really like some bands and it just kinda happened i had always been unique and that weird girl since i was little so it was nothing new
haha damn that's cool. Wish I had started that young, I feel like I know a lot more good music than most people my age but I still have a lot to learn. But I started collecting my own music and forming my own music taste around age 12. My first punk cd was actually just a mix that a friend of mine gave me when I was a Freshman in high school I had heard some before that but not enough to really get into it. But he gave me a mix with The Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, The Trashmen, The Ramones and a bunch of other bad ass bands. But the first I ever bought was The Misfits Famous Monsters, then I heard Collection I and I was hooked from then on. So I guess the classics turned me onto it but it was The Misfits that got me obsessed which is why they're my favorite band.
Misfis are my favorite to. They're kickass! Still have yet to see them though :/
I saw them October 17th this year! they were kickass, i met jerry only, and ROBO. And i talked with dez cadena outside the place for 20min. best concert ive been to!
Ahh, you lucky son of a bitch! I was suppposed to see them this year with my friend, but we ended up going to Bad Religion and The Bouncing Souls with some other people. I'm making that at the top of my to do list this year lol
haha ur lucky too, you got to see bad religion!
My former boy friend is really into metal. I like metal, but sometimes its too static-y for me, so i switched to more punk..and now its basically all i wanna hear.
I got it from my dad sence he had and still is playing in punk bands my erlyest memory is sitting in his car listening to the germs
That's awesome! I wish my parents knew good music
Well, I was into punk in seventh grade (without mohawk), but then I became emo. Later on I met a guy who is totaly awsome ... He's pretty, beutiful eyes and nose ... thou he ignores me. I don't want to let go oof punkstyle only beacuse he's ignoring me, I love the clothes and I love the music. For the first time I'm feeling comftirble with who I am. I got friends who's punks so I'm not alone in school about it either.


 That's how I got more into punk then I already was. He doesn't ignore me, more that we just never talk anymore. I'm glad you found yourself!! :)


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