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 How in the world did you end up the way you are? Is it in your blood? Sick of being like everyone else?

  I was always into punk. My first C.D I ever got, at the age of four, was Punk Rock Is Your Friend. I was immediately entranced. Then slowly became the strange, unique person I am. My friend showed me a bunch of bands that he liked and then I started listening to more punk. Went to my first concert in November of seventh grade and saw mohawks and liberty spikes. I wanted one so bad, I got one over the summer. 

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My close friend got me into punk, she took me to my first show when we were 17, Total Choas. I really wish I woulda started younger. Haha sometimes I feel 'behind'. It's all good. I used to be a loser goth anime nerd haha good times, not really.
Tara got me into Punk ---; )
hehe I'm feeling behind as well, I'm listening a lot to swedsih punk bands like asta kask and smuttstvätt :)
I got into it through pop-punk like Green Day, Sum41 and Blink 182. Then I looked at their influences and liked what I heard then, I just started trying to get as much punk as I could. I've slipped into metal more nowadays, but they're both good.
That's exactly how I got into punk. in 8th grade was obsessed with Green Day. When i read about who their favorite bands were it opened me up to a whole new world of punk.
I'm actually really jealous of people who had the whole Green Day, Blink, Sum 41 phase, it seems like tons of people have that background, whereas I went from no interest in music ----> indie shit ----> Rancid + punk.  Always feels like I've missed something along the way
i came into punk in a prefect sory book sort of manor. but the condensed version is that once i finally realized that i didnt need to fit any sort of mold to be happy (durring summer when i was 13, oh the memories), i just sort of let myself go. out came a punk rocker, and im happier than i have ever been.

well my dad used to be a punk so i grew up around it but i got more serios after i saw suicidal tendencies and went into the pit and met this girl who was to old for me when i was 12. :D

Actually, over time I had seen other punks (and this was the time that I was unsure what I was going to do about myself on high school) I had bad mannerisms in junior high and was often accused of being gay. I had seen other punks and wanted to have the hair that they did. I didn't like the clothes or accessories or anything, but I just wanted the hair. After convincing the Mom about it, I then decided to do some research. Boy, was I wrong. Punk was nothing about the look and the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that these are my actual beliefs. And, I've grown to be one tough punk since and I've never been called gay. I left those old mannerisms in junior high and went into high school being the best punk I could be and it proved to be good for me :) It even got me a hot ass girlfriend, which was very nice ;)


 Metallica. When they did the garage days album where they covered a few punk rock songs by Misfits, Anti-Nowhere League etc. So I wanted to investigate the originals.

 I picked up a misfits album, that did a 180 for me.

Me and my buds in grade school were Metalheads. We hated punk rock. Our exposure was with the bubble-gum nasal-vocal stuff. We did not know anybody who was into 'The Exploited', 'DOA', 'Subhumans', 'Discharge', 'Charged GBH' etc.

lol everyones story sound better that mine xD

I came from a very prissy very 'normal' family, we had no money but my mother liked to look like she had alot of money. My mum was very srict and i was never aloud past the front gate unless i was going to school.

One day i had an arguement with my mum when i was ten and smashed my bedroom window (which i paid for badly lol), and ran into the garden. A guy walked past my house with a massive blue and pink hawk with leopard print, i was crying and he looked at me funny so i swore at him and he laughed and was 'i like you' and had a go at my mother for me, after that i wanted to be like that guy lol. I started to hang around with him and a few skins and it went from there....pretty boring really xD


 Damn, sounds like a good story to me!


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