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 How in the world did you end up the way you are? Is it in your blood? Sick of being like everyone else?

  I was always into punk. My first C.D I ever got, at the age of four, was Punk Rock Is Your Friend. I was immediately entranced. Then slowly became the strange, unique person I am. My friend showed me a bunch of bands that he liked and then I started listening to more punk. Went to my first concert in November of seventh grade and saw mohawks and liberty spikes. I wanted one so bad, I got one over the summer. 

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Just after I got into punk I was playing Rancid's second album, and my mum kept walking past saying it sounded like Stiff Little Fingers and Sham 69 and the other bands she used to listen to when she was younger.  Didn't expect it at all but needless to say I found it awesome

 Damn that's pretty kickass your mom listened to Stiff Little Fingers and Sham 69!! My mom is into grunge and my dad's into metal. No punks in the fam, except for an aunt by marriage.



oh yea i forgot it add

when i was little my parents got divorced and my dad didnt understand what rated PG was. he would take my brother and i into stores like spincers and one time i saw a group of teens there and one of them had a lime green neon Mohawk and a leather studded jacket and i thought it was the coolest thing ever and the guy was super nice and him and my dad were talking and my dad was like im going to get a haircut like that and we all started laughing and i was like no silly i want one...long story short the guy said i was cute they left and ever since that day

finally realizing i hate mainstream bs
My older sister had a friend from Boston named James. When I was going into 8th grade (i was into hippy shit back then) James moved here to Memphis and started coming to the house so often that he was as good as family. James was a punk, and he ws also like a big bro to me. My sister had already exposed me to stuff like the misfits, which for some reason I pretended no to like. Then James taught me that pretended that shit didn't make me angry was stupid, and that I neened to stand up for myself. Thats when I stopped being all docile hiipy shit. Then he taught me power chords. Eventually he showed me tons of bands, but the only one I remember him showing me specificaly was Leftover Crack. Thats pretty much it. Time did the rest for me.

I hate music. I find most people listen to shit because "dood, do u know how much talent that solo takes to do!?"  Punk-rock music has no talent, its just a group of people playing instruments they don't know how to play and having fun with it. 


The "culture" (for lack of a better word) was completely coincidental, I never had any friends and punk was supposed to be about camaraderie, and the D.I.Y ethic that I was raised on. Just seemed like something that revolved around me. 

well, growing up in a shitty ass country it was difficult for me to discover punk rock. My first exposures to punk were greenday, blink 182 and sum41 at 15  after which i started exploring punk rock. Then i bought a nofx mix from a local store. thats when i got hooked and realized that mainstream music is shit. 


Punk overalls is now mainstream here. so i no longer have a mohawk, which i got 3 yrs back. Anyway punk rock is all i listen to now. the top bands for me are nofx, the casualties, antiflag and blink 182.

 I know how you feel. I'm growing out the hawk. Almost EVERYONE has a mohawk where I'm at. It's really weird, but whatever. No peice of clothing, choice of music, or hairstyle can make a punk. It's beliefs and standing up for yourself and what you believe in! 


 I've seen the Casualties twice in concert. They're pretty kickass~

dats exactly how i feel. its not the outer look dat defines who u are. its attitude dat makes a punk. i finally feel like sum1 understands!

I always had an eye for the strange and odd. In first grade when everyone's favorite (band) was nsync or the backstreet boys and mine was The Beatles, I always had that punk attitude of being me and not caring what anyone else thought. By middleschool I was listening to bands like green day and the sex pistols, I had this friend Pat and he would always tell me, you should go to shows with me, and I kept saying maybe next time and I was supposed to go with him on saturday and he died on friday in a terrible series of events, so as a tribute to him I went to the next local punk show, I fell in love with it, I loved everything about the local underground scene and I've hooked ever since even with all the venues getting shut down and the cycles of death and life in the scene, its frustrating and even though we don't always get along, I love all those guys like family

Once upon a time, there was a little metalhead who liked burning things, he was raised on bob dylan, tom petty, and joan jett, as he grew closer to reaching the age of joining the military, one song on the radio changed it all. TchKung, Smash Things Up. He soon learned about traditional irish music there after, and his brother bought him a cd. Flogging Molly.

And then it began.

Punk rock, anger, anarchy, playing music, politics, style, individuality. One simple Avante Garde band changed a likely future of being a drone into one of being a street performer, traveller, musician, radicalist and philosopher.


Yes that's my story, and yes i called my self a philosopher.


I started in on Blink 182, Sum 41, etc. When my mom got together with my stepdad, the subject of the music I liked came up. I told him I like punk bands, and started listing off bands like Blink and whatnot. He stopped me about halfway through, and said: Thats not punk, here, take these CDs. He gave me Black Flag: The First Four Years, and The Clash singles CD. I was about 13 at that point, and I loved the energy that Black Flag put off, so I looked up more stuff like that, and it was a steady decline from there. I actually didn't start liking The Clash till I was about 18, and appreciated music a little more.


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