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 How in the world did you end up the way you are? Is it in your blood? Sick of being like everyone else?

  I was always into punk. My first C.D I ever got, at the age of four, was Punk Rock Is Your Friend. I was immediately entranced. Then slowly became the strange, unique person I am. My friend showed me a bunch of bands that he liked and then I started listening to more punk. Went to my first concert in November of seventh grade and saw mohawks and liberty spikes. I wanted one so bad, I got one over the summer. 

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I've always been interested in "alternative" looking people. I remember seeing punk kids on tv or in movies and thought they were really cool (even though they usually played bullies or gang members). I remember in 3rd grade a bunch of girls made fun of me during recess because i told them that when i got older i wanted a blue mohawk, a nose ring, and a leather jacket.

i became a mall-goth/skateboarder chick in 8th grade because i never fit in with the popular crowd... i thought i was punk as shit until spring break that year where i met and friended this 15 year old kid with dark 80s sunglasses and who lived in a leather jacket even though it was hot as hell outside. we started talking about music and i told him i liked punk music "like slipknot and system of a down" he laughed and said "you fucking poser, thats not punk. go look up the casualties, the exploited, and the ramones... if you like what you hear, you can find the rest on your own" 

and i did... and yep, thats how i got here.
i grew up down the street from a all punk record store called dr strange records and then i decided to go in one day and everyone who worked there had mohawks and dreads and i thought it was the coolest thing ever and the owner had a dead kennedys shirt on so i thought id go home and look them up and fell in love i think the first song i heard was forest fire and from fourth grade on my life wasnt the same haha ill cry if that store ever closes down haha

No one in my immediate family listened to music. Like at all. Maybe a few country songs every now and then. But as a kid i got obsessed with Tony Hawk video games. It was something I had never seen before, and it wasn't like i was in constant contact with punks. It woulda destroyed the mythological status they held in my pre-teen mind. These wild people whose lives were a patchwork of crazy stories and doing whatever they felt like. And the music made it for me. It was all upbeat, fast, and simple. Nothing was depressed sounding, even if the song was "I hate my life" by youth brigade. It was all about being goddamn ALIVE. 


So here's to irresponsible adults who put old school punk in video games and sell them to kids, even if it goes against mainstream culture! Thanks guys!

 Hell yeah!!!


i grew up with t my dad was a punk and i did not know it so i grew up litoning to the music and hanging out around his friends acting crazy and i startedto g to other peoples houe and was like oh so not all people are like this and then my friends started calling me punk when i was like 12 or 13 and it was on from there and i never rilly had a fam so i made my own out of friends and they were all punk like my best friend cody below

I started listening to Green Day and transferred to the Clash and other punk bands:

 :) I like the way of thinking, the attitude and everything :)

My mom is pretty much the most conservative person I know, when I was really young I heard her listening to the ramones and I instantly fell in love with their music. At a later point my dad showed me Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies. I was ruptured to see a picture of him in the eighties with a green Mohawk .
Idk where the fuck ruptured came from in my last post that was supposed to say amazed

When I was 11, I found a Circle Jerks "tape" in my brothers collage stuff, It was Wild in the Streets. I played it over and over and over and over in my walkman. It changed me forever. It was soon joined by Black Flag Dammaged and DOA Hardcore81. As I grew older I shifted gears into a more metal place, Slayer, DRI, Anthrax and even a little Megadeth. Then after High School, in my first year of collage, I really got back into it. For me, American Hardcore is the only music. I like bands like X and Misfits, but they just dont have the edge that first got to me from that Jerks tape. Watch the film "American Hardcore", you will see where Im coming from.........


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