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At what moment did you think you could really call yourself a Punk, Rude Boy, Rude Girl, Skinhead? And what exactly pushed you to accept the lifestyle that you've chosen today. In the end maybe it was all just a genre and an attitude that developed into our overall personality. So what if any music genre changed you or got you started.

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shitty home life, metal-lamb of god and what not.
like the way hawks look and quit caring about others.
Ha thumbs up on the Lamb of God bro
thanks guys, one of the first bands i started listening to when i started to get pissed off and realized the world was shittier than i had once thought
fuck yea to lambs of fuckn god   u got if fuckn rite bro
friends influence, good music and fun times simple as that
It's cool how you put it as simple because there's few people who kinda over think the idea of Punk or Skinhead and they make it more than it really is. its like "You're trying to hard'
I was 13 and listening to whatever shit spewed out the radio, then my mate showed me Avenged Sevenfold and I feel I was 'liberated' hahaha. Also, in the same year my dad bought me a book called 'The Night Climbers Of Cambridge', which has nearly been the death of me several times

Pantera are the kings of saying 'Fuck You', definitely one of my favourite. I tried getting into the big four before I saw them at sonisphere but I only enjoy the big hits, like master of puppets & raining blood etc. I find Maiden a bit annoying aswell and I'm used to being slated for that opinion haha. Guns n Roses also, fucking awesome when they go full cowboy (Civil War, Live & Let Die, November Rain etc).

Yes! I saw them earlier this year (I think.. or late last year) and don't really know any of their music but the feeling they give is a fuckin riot! Goood shit

haha, my friends listening to green day, blink 182 etc. i did so not accept them calling it real punk and wearing anarchy signs and shit. so i started gather information and stuff like that. somehow i just started to listen to hxc, as i liked heavy music, but than i started to listen to the lyrics and just dug deeper. still roflmao at my 2 HARDKOAR PUNX friends. they just so label themselves and listen to sellouts since when my chemical romance is punk? or afi? :DDDDDD twats. and no, i dont consider myself punk, as im only 16, have no fucking idea about polytics [tho i know more than my friends], do not go to any shows, as i would be the only one from my friends.

could write more if i hadnt got a sunstroke today. 

I don't really care for the labels and shit. I'm easy going and will talk to anyone that talks to me. That includes "preps" or "punks" or "nerds" or anyother things like that. I don't really accept my lifestyle because i'm not going to start college until the next semester or one after that. I am the way I am not because of music, but because of the experiences I've had in life. But music like Metal, Classic Rock, or almost any rock in general keeps me going. I like bands like Pantera (which is my favorite) and Metallica, to Lamb of God  to Queen and Elton John. Yes... I do like Queen and Elton John.

rancid and skinny jeans

Now punk is a core of my being, although I don't really call myself punk... maybe alternative.

personally I prefer the term "acadamic nerdcore", if I ever had to choosea label

but the nerds don't like that cuz I don't play starcraft

lol... stereotypes


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