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i'll leave links to each hair dye that i list even if they are not the best hair dyes

manic panic sucks it tends to fade mad fast and u dont always get the color u want esp with the lighter colors cotton candy pink, electric lizard, ect. also the atomic turquoise came out green when i used it, although the hot hot pink and vampire red came out well and didnt fade too fast when i used it.

special effect tends to work very well and dosent fade too fast, but sadly im haivng a hard time finding it now. another BIG plus is that it is NOT tested on animals :). so if u find it grab it, or u can order on-line but there is s&h shit u have to deal with plus waiting for it to come.

splat hair dye comes in a little kit with its own bleach but it only comes in 4 colors, but i have only seen the blue envy and luscious raspberry in stores so u would have to order it on line and that kinda sucks bc of s&h and waiting for it, also a friend of mine that uses the blue envy used the bleach that came with the kit after having his hair dyed a while and after he bleached out the blue envy the color shanged, near the roots it faded to a light pink color and lighted the blue and made it look like it had a cotton candy effect to it and it look pretty damn cool.

adore by creative image i have not tried this but i was told that is works much better then manic panic and it is mad cheap, but i didnt find it around me. i also looked on like for it on-line but i didnt find a site that showed the colors themselfs so u would just have to go by the name of the color, but still yet again s&h and the whole waiting game shit.

punky colour i have only used it once and that was like 6 years ago from what i memeber tho the color came out the way i wanted it to but i dont think it lasted too long but like i said it was 6 years ago so give it a try if u want.

raw color hair dye seems to work well so far this is the 1st time i tried it and the color dosent seem to have faded but it has only been a few days so far, plus after i bleached my hair it was mad rough and dye and the hair dye softened it up and made it feel as tho i didnt even bleach or dye my hair, i'll keep u updated on how much it fades. i found it at hot topic so it was about 13 bucks and that kinda sucks bc im going to be pissed as shit it it fades in like 2 more weeks. (update on raw it faded mad fast not to happy about it big waste of money)

color fiend i have not tried it at all. it was also at hot topic aka everthing is over priced but it didnt seem like a good dye bc there was gliter in some of the colors, but if u want to try it go for it it was also like 13 bucks. the link for the raw also shows this hair dye.

'n rage i was just goolging hair dyes and came across this 1, i havent seen it around has any1 tried it?

la riche going by the site it is only in the uk but i belive u can ored it in pack of 4 of each color i never used it and i have no clue how well it works but here is the site

this site has special effect, punky colour and manic panic at a decent prices but u could prob find manic panic for less, but u wont be able to find special effect for any less then what it is priced on this site.


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I'm quite interested in this as well; I've been thinking of dyeing my hair.
Going purple and green today.. i just gotta walk to my friends for the dye.. not sure what type it is... but i'll tell you what brand and if its anygood..
punky colors is my favorite..i always use it for my blues and greens. the color has always been great and it usually takes a month or two for it to fade. the purples stain skin like a mother fucker though! my entire back was purple for a week..
yeah my friend let me use her purple dye and itwas punky colors.. it stained my fingernails and ilooks like i wearing nailpolish on one hand right now..
I used red punky colours and it faded after the first time i washed it, kinda pissed since it faded on my 21st effing birthday today.
odd, i used red punky colors a few months ago and it took forever to fade so i could dye over it..
How Long does the bottle last anyway? How many times can you re-dye hair with the leftover dye?
it depends on how long ur hair is, be4 i had my mohawk i dye the whole head this dark red and hot pink colors and i dyed it about 3 or 4 time be4 i ran out
Different colors on different hair will have different effects. I used a manic panic after midnight blue as my first dye and it worked really well. I then used electric lizard by MP and it washed right out. Then used a SFX dark green with a RAW bleach kit and that did not work. Then used a red dye made for dark hair that needed no bleach for a long time that you can find in any store. Think it is L'Oreal.

Then I wanted to do pink so I bought the Color Fiend hot pink and a Flash Lightning bleach kit. The pink stayed in alright but it is a water based dye so it will fade faster. I then wanted to try green again because I still have some of that SFX left so when my pink was fading out I put in the green and it is staying alright. I touch it up every few days by just combing a little bit through it, blow drying it in and then on my way.

My hair reacts better to darker shades I think such as blue. That MP blue stayed in forever on me.

I recommend the Flash Lightning bleach as it has been the most effective for me without question. Knocks the dark brown right outta my hair in about 40 minutes. Then when applying your dye it is good to leave it on as long as possible and apply heat to it. Blow dry it for a few minutes every once in awhile and comb it through.

I have also heard that adding a small bit of the color to your conditioner when you condition your hair will keep the color in good as well.
have you tried mixing the color in your conditioner? im interested in trying that, but i would like to know how people have done it and if it worked
Actually it does work. You can make a toner out of conditioner to make the hair white so I am pretty sure it can work with other colors and such but it won't be as concentrated I assume or I could be wrong.
with manic panic, you have to bleach your hair completely white. plus you gotta overlay the color once or twice after the first dye job. with brighter colors like atomic turquoise, and electric lizard, (got 'em in my hair now), you most definetely have to bleach white. found that out the hard way with turquoise, because i bleached my hair a light orangish brown, and the color came out a nasty green. with any hair dye, it just depends how many times you overlay, if you don't want it to fade. one last thing: when washing your hair use color extending shampoo....holds the color in longer. :)


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