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i'll leave links to each hair dye that i list even if they are not the best hair dyes

manic panic sucks it tends to fade mad fast and u dont always get the color u want esp with the lighter colors cotton candy pink, electric lizard, ect. also the atomic turquoise came out green when i used it, although the hot hot pink and vampire red came out well and didnt fade too fast when i used it.

special effect tends to work very well and dosent fade too fast, but sadly im haivng a hard time finding it now. another BIG plus is that it is NOT tested on animals :). so if u find it grab it, or u can order on-line but there is s&h shit u have to deal with plus waiting for it to come.

splat hair dye comes in a little kit with its own bleach but it only comes in 4 colors, but i have only seen the blue envy and luscious raspberry in stores so u would have to order it on line and that kinda sucks bc of s&h and waiting for it, also a friend of mine that uses the blue envy used the bleach that came with the kit after having his hair dyed a while and after he bleached out the blue envy the color shanged, near the roots it faded to a light pink color and lighted the blue and made it look like it had a cotton candy effect to it and it look pretty damn cool.

adore by creative image i have not tried this but i was told that is works much better then manic panic and it is mad cheap, but i didnt find it around me. i also looked on like for it on-line but i didnt find a site that showed the colors themselfs so u would just have to go by the name of the color, but still yet again s&h and the whole waiting game shit.

punky colour i have only used it once and that was like 6 years ago from what i memeber tho the color came out the way i wanted it to but i dont think it lasted too long but like i said it was 6 years ago so give it a try if u want.

raw color hair dye seems to work well so far this is the 1st time i tried it and the color dosent seem to have faded but it has only been a few days so far, plus after i bleached my hair it was mad rough and dye and the hair dye softened it up and made it feel as tho i didnt even bleach or dye my hair, i'll keep u updated on how much it fades. i found it at hot topic so it was about 13 bucks and that kinda sucks bc im going to be pissed as shit it it fades in like 2 more weeks. (update on raw it faded mad fast not to happy about it big waste of money)

color fiend i have not tried it at all. it was also at hot topic aka everthing is over priced but it didnt seem like a good dye bc there was gliter in some of the colors, but if u want to try it go for it it was also like 13 bucks. the link for the raw also shows this hair dye.

'n rage i was just goolging hair dyes and came across this 1, i havent seen it around has any1 tried it?

la riche going by the site it is only in the uk but i belive u can ored it in pack of 4 of each color i never used it and i have no clue how well it works but here is the site

this site has special effect, punky colour and manic panic at a decent prices but u could prob find manic panic for less, but u wont be able to find special effect for any less then what it is priced on this site.


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i disagree about Manic Panic, i swear by it
but you cant just leave it in for 30-40 min (i usually leave mine in overnight for best coverage) but it stays in really well for me and they are easily found with lots of color choices :)
Fucking Special Effects is the b-e-s-t.
I have n'rage in right now...its green and it has outlasted both manic panic and splat. I didnt rebleach it form the first 2 and it is bright and GLOWS!
It's the "GLOWS" that tempts me there ^_^...going green myself in a few weeks, though thinking on Directions, since someone recommended it locally.
I just recently dyed my hair blue and red again cause it was fading. My favorite red is Special Effects Nuclear Red. I won't use anything else because I can't get a better red than that. I like to use a mixture of Raw and Jerome Russel Punky Colour blue. I find that Punky Colour will NOT fade from my hair AT ALL so I like to use Raw sometimes. Manic Panic is a nasty bitch. I hate it, I find it cheap and it faces after one wash for me. Anyways, yeah Special Effects I say is my favorite.
I've been using MP for about 2 years now, and have mostly good results with it. My colors always come out good. For me they only stay bright for about 2 weeks but when I use it on my mom it's more like 4 months?!? The mixinf conditioner with dye sounds like it would be a good idea except when you have lots of colors.. Some tips for using MP though: Wash with cold water. Keeps the dye in longer. Also a friend told me that washing newly dyed hair in vinegar makes dye stay in longer. Anyone else heard this or tried it? I am curiour to know if there's any truth to it but I can't dye my hair again for a couple weeks. Also one of the bad things abnout MP is that you can NOT bleach it out. If I have even the slightest hint of faded dye in my hair when I bleach it it turns like really really green.
i used manic panic for a little while, used the ultra violet, and it turned out a really gorgeous purple, and didn't fade that bad at all. i did use it once it was a blue color cant remember which one though, and if faded to like a lame almost seafoam green in just a few days to a week


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