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why is it that now in days it seems some punx are just too good for one another.

not to long a go we stuck together and welcome other punx we didn't know with open arms we were stronger that way. now fuckers hardly even say hi to each other. i don't know if its cause the man has our heads so far up our ass that all we see is our self's or if some of us are just to stuck up and full of it.

Or may some of us are just fat Hippocrates judging each other over looks when we don't even know one another . i don't know what it is but it needs to if your a REAL!!! PUNK and u see a punk walking down the street don't be shy open dat mouth and shout oi!!!oi!!!oi!!! across that shity fuckin street. punk is away of life and a mental state of being we are each others people,reach out dudes!  o and p.s fuck hipsters,scene kids, this new age hip hop/punk rip off crap and all the other crap thats slowly killing off punk. even more reason to find one another form bonds and stick together,keep the punk breed going.

long live punk and all its beautiful people 

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Well weasel Idk if you would consider me a true punk or not but I hear ya man! In my little ass town whenever I do see someone that looks like they might have the same interest man they mostly stick to themselves and I'm like is it just me or what you know!?

nope i don't think its u that's for sure, and it must be a drag living out there!

i really hope u run in to some more down to earth open minded people.

good luck sis and thanks for your reply

people killed their own scene. 

It died from stupid mother fuckers being too insecure about their own image so they have to act like fucking assholes to prove to everyone that they are something that they are not. 

The true meaning of punk got lost and people now only think its about pretending to be poor and getting wasted. 

The only way you can fix that is by accepting others and taking newbies under your wing to show them the right path. Thats how it got fucked up to begin with, old geezers of the scene gave up on the youngsters which caused the whole scene to derail and become lost. 

So time to stand up and start rebuilding, its not going to be easy but it will happen with time. Just don't take shit from any assholes. 

right on! its good to see some ones fire burning bright !

good shit dude;)

The scene here is Charlotte, NC is live and kickin. We don't judge one by their cloths. Just how they act and treat their fellow punks. We need a bigger scene though so more people need to move out here.

cool dude, if I'm ever on the road and have to pass through your town for sure i'll check u guys out man!

Come on! We are here!

Basic life skills taught from birth the whole play nice respect each other don't be a douche bag have been lost to assholes think that punk means being so hardcore look at me fuck you! I'm too cool for that attitude 

The only way to fix the damage and begin to rebuild is to stand up, take the whole 5 seconds it takes to say "hi, what's up, how are you or whatever ya wanna say, or just smile not that hard of a concept, Giving up isn't an option So what if the person ignored you or blew you off still say hi or something the next time you see them something might click for them, and you can help shape the future generations to not kill thier scene by not letting the meaning of punk be lost

Yeah getting asked the same why do is your hair like that, why do you dress like that, why are you pierced and or tattooed can be annoying but explain it you never know why someone is asking and it can show people around you that it's not a fashion statement its a way of life and a mind set.

Boogle said it pretty well I feel like I'm ranting now lol

Well put sis great response thank u sooo much dude your awesome! :)


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