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What does wearing one mean to you....I'm interested to see what culture exists other than what I was raised with...share your thoughts n ideas freely...thnks

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I really agree with the whole 'confidence' thing.. growing up and even until a couple of years ago, i was the shyest person. these days i can just walk upto anyone in a pub/club or pretty much anywhere n just start talkin 2 em about any old random thing coz i hav the confidence to be myself and know that ppl will find me interesting and if they dont like me then its their loss :)
L.O.L! ^_^
well it depends,,me for example I always been pretty bad ass but not a trouble maker,plus I stood out even more do to the fact i lived in nwk nj I got called oreo/white boyT,you name it lol i just stuck my middle finger up and dared the so called gansters to do somthing about it,I woudnt call myself a punk im more like hmmmm just think of hellboy with a mowhawk and if you know his attitude thats me, it means somthing different to everyone, im just bad ass and dont really give a shit about anything except my fam and life the mohawk just always felt right
Step one, find a couple logs and matches.

step two, make a fire.

step three, die in it.
Pretty much everyone here (UK) thinks you're some kind of bonehead neo-nazi fuck.

I get racists offering to buy me drinks, a line of coke or a spliff every now and then when I'm out.

I get black drug-dealers being aggressive and being like "eh, skin'ed, what's you're problem" etc. but ultimately still trying to sell me their shit.

In general people will either be scared of you (but their curiosity will probably get the better of them and they'll come over for a chat anyway, then realise you're not a dick) or they'll see you as a challenge and they'll get in your face and try to piss you off or get in a fight. I get people pulling my hair a lot when I'm out, which pisses me right off, especially when it's girls because if I pulled their hair I'd get arrested for like sexual harassment or something and I can't exactly knock them out or anything.
I've had people try n touch my hair...that's a no no in my culture. I've always taken it as a colonial attitude, they took the land, then took the ceremonies, passed laws to assimilate they think they can talk up to me and treat me like a pet...oooh look at the indian, lets touch him to make sure his real...shit like've retaliated...girl touches my hair without asking I cop a feel or grab the guys hair...its worked!

FYI; Our hair is sacred, its like a history/record of everything we've gone through....only my mother, girlfriend or trusted female friend coukld ever brush or braid my hair...that's just the way it is....
Yeah, wtf? I never understood what makes people think they can touch you without permission. I used to have people try to touch my hair in high school when it was different colors, or when I was pregnant complete strangers would want to touch my belly. I HATE being touched by anyone except my family, it really just weirds me out.
i agree with the hair touching bit.. waitin for a cab after goin out the other night n i feel someone grab my hair :/ i turn around and its some stella with a stupid look on her face.. i just death-stared her n said "look but never touch.. EVER! without asking first". she then gave me a stupid drunken look as if it were her right to touch because it was there. people are soo stupid!

The End.
some creepers with the prego belly! its cute and all but prego women are not buddha statues! and most dont have buddhist patience either heh heh.
but pregnant bellies are so alluring! I don't want kids, but for some weird reason, I'm so compelled to rub, press my face to and/or kiss a pregnant belly. Maybe I'm just a freak.
Never had anyone touch my Halk wit oot asking politely, but tat' maybe due to teh fact i look ready to bite off fingers? But aye, tae me meh Halk is meh Halk, which i just now trimmed =;} I'm kinda touchy and picky aboot meh hair, i don't use shampoo, to harsh, and i take advantage of every chance i get tae eat omega type oils, fish oils etc (good for hair)
It's just "me"ish, yeknae? Like when you get your' first knife, or ye'r first dirtbike, or first pair o' combat boots, it's just "you", yeknae? It fits perfectly...

As far as attitude? Well I'm not so much into teh idea tat' nice hair or nice anything makes someone better or cooler tan' tey are wit' out it, BUT, style is important (to some, like me) aboot feelin' good or better about one's self, and so as i sport meh Halk, teh better it looks, teh better i look, to me another person wit' a Halk, is kinda like another person wit' a Kilt only to a lesser extent, it's another person wit teh style, confidence, and attitude to sport one despite the usual social put downs often created by having one, and it's also somewhat proof of an extent to originality, although i this excludes "fauxhawks?" and other "un dedicated" college boy mohawks, cause have a bit o' a disdain for ambercrombie college cunts, this is only my opinion and every individual is different

In short, to me, "wearing" meh Halk, is a me thing, just like carrying meh guitar everywhere i go, just like not hiding meh scars, just like being myself, just like wearing my jewelry like the Irish Mr.T i am
This might sounds kind of strange, but there are many perks to NOT having a mohawk. I cut mine off and (after the awkward bald stage) no one really pays any attention to me. its like I put my invisibility cloak back on. Its kind of nice being able to wake up and not have to worry about doing anything to my hair. I no longer "plan" my showers for the week. Its just given me a more relaxed laid back feeling.

But on the other hand I miss it terribly. I feel almost too relaxed. I miss having something to mess with in the mornings. I don't get head rubs anymore. Sure I don't get the stupid questions, but I also don't get asked the "hey, you were that one chick at that one show!" either (well, not as often).

Overall I want it back, and if it weren't for my money crisis, it would have never left.


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