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What does wearing one mean to you....I'm interested to see what culture exists other than what I was raised with...share your thoughts n ideas freely...thnks

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my job keeps making it harder to look like myself.. although thats mostly coz my sides keep gettin shorter n the rest keep gettin longer :P mines about 7" now n growing longer by the day :D mwahahahaha!
Your job requires a mohawk?
I'm very confused...
nooooo my job doesnt like it! beacuse my hawk keeps gettin more extreme. i thought that was pretty clear. they make me wear a hat "at all times" sept i only wear it during the day and only when the Store Manager is there haha
Oooohh gotcha.
As Little Matt would say, "You care too much."
Still, I'd rather live in a world with some who care than one where no one does. Those who cut off and don't care, lose a lot long-term, even if it seems easier not to.

You have to risk caring to get caring, even though the let-downs take a toll.
Shit. You sound like all my friends. They tell me the same shit. friend- "aren't you scared something bad will happen?" Me- "I don't care" friend- "you're crazy as fuck" me- "I don't give a fuck" friend- "don't you dare" me- "who the fuck's gonna care?" and then they go on their little spiel. (i think that's how that's spelled).

But I'm done with giving a fuck (about most things) because when you care too much, you put too much out there, and it always comes back to slap you in the face. And right now I'm in love with this guy, but I dunno if I should stick around and see what happens, because just about every inch of me is screaming to disappear to another place and leave him behind. I'm fucken torn.
i never really got a hawk to be rebellious, but i don't mind punching societies view of looking normal in the face. i keep asking myself why mohawks arent always ok in the business world. Who the heck decided a mohawk isnt "professional" in the first place? I mean we all have hair, i just dont get why people make a deal out of it if you wear yours differently. I guess they just assume that your a criminal? its not like we would be a different person if we werent wearing it at work.

but on the other hand you get those people everyonce in a while who dont ask the usual questions and are just like dude i love the hair and then walk away.

i love wearing it for myself, not for anyone else. I wear a mohawk because i like it. and like the earlier posts it does kinda make you more confident, because the second you put it up and go into public your going to be judged no matter what. so it just helps you to not care what people think about you so much, and peer pressure doesnt do much to me anymore.
Agreed to all of that. I think that business and people in general have preconceptions about others. They want everyone to fit in a nice box, to feel comfortable tagging this or that as different things.

Business does this even more so with men now than women - you have to wear a suit, shirt, tie, loafers and short(ish) hair to most 'professional' offices.

Why? What does this say about customers and workers? That they all expect you to fit a mould to feel comfortable dealing with you? Rather than looking at the way you behave with them instead of worrying about the superficial exterior? Surely, that's more important than matching hair and clothes?

I don't care about people who look down at my look or assume I will be something other than who I am. But I try to make sure people do realise that I care by being helpful and polite on meeting them.

Still, I do hate the childish attitudes some businesses perpetuate with their dress-codes. Look at Microsoft or Apple? They broke the mould and allow workers to dress how they want! I wonder if they allow mohawks? =)
I only need a few words to sum this up.

You're beasty as fuck.
i'm outgoing. that pretty much sums it up. i'm not a rebel or a punk, i'm not political or religious. i'm me. and i'll have a nice heaping plate of whatever the hell i want. easy on the onions.

i'm not doing it for my heritage or my anything. i just wanted a mohawk and i got one. i also wanted to be able to blend in, but you cant always get what you want.
I've cut and styled my own hair for about 2 years now. I wanted to try a mohawk just because I've always been a fan of extreme hairstyles. When I first buzzed down my sides, it was barely a couple inches high, so I've been watching it grow, which I think is pretty neat. And because it's something I made myself, I'm quite proud of it. I wear it around like a farmer showing off a prized pumpkin. xD

I agree with LenaBean, being a woman with a 'hawk is very empowering. When I put it up in the morning, I get this feeling like I'm ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.


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